5 thoughts on “Erik the Rebel, Part 9: Marks of Torture – Written by Commander_nl, Illustrated by AfterDarK – 74th Installment (“Final”)

  1. As I am a colossal pervert I feel a bit cheated. All that pain on his upper body from two obvious sadists…but they never stripped him naked. Only mo.

  2. What a fantastic contribution to the hero-in-distress repertoire. One of the finest stories ever written in the genre, combined with the talents of a true pioneer in the art of computer illustration. Thank you both!!


  3. Thank you, Aquadude, for those kind words. And thanks to all who honoured our work by their comments. Erik will be back!

  4. Wow, this was really a pleasure to read and see Erik suffering.

    At it was wunderful to see, what is possible, if a “true Pioneer in the art of computer illustration” [aquadude2001] made such a professional story.

    Indeed it would be pefect to see Erik back or also another young and strong guy in an interrogation/torture scene, for example at the rack, branding etc.

    I hope, hat you will be back soon!!

    Best regards,


    (from Germany)

  5. Many thanks Aquadude for your compliment and Commander_NL for your story.
    Can’t wait for the next journey of Erik!!

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