About the Site’s Theme

“Sharing the Hero-in-Distress Fantasy”

In the 87th panel of the Bunker’s Pony Express Rider Story, an Indian Dream Catcher is displayed, along with this text:

“The underlying core of these dreams was the desire to make Will suffer, to give him pain. None of (the Tribe) clearly understood why they had such a desire, but it was clearly there. As moon followed moon, the torture of Will Clemens passed through the dream web and materialized into the very fabric of their lives.”

The Aquadude Bunker addresses these underlying desires few of us who frequent the site understand but most of us have had since early childhood. Through shared imagery and writing, an attempt is made to “catch” these aggressive desires at the fantasy stage… before they can materialize into the very fabric of our lives……

Dream Catcher

Click image to enlarge.

2 thoughts on “About the Site’s Theme

  1. Until now I had no idea what the Dream Catcher symbol represented, but now that I do I have so much respect for it as I can trace my feelings back to the age of three. At 69 I still have thoughts and feelings. I guess I should start writing some of them down. Pop

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