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Gorm the Galactic Slaver – by Teracles

So, how do I introduce the Purple One?  He’s just an adventurous young guy, who loves fun and games (especially Beachfighter), is fascinated by strange gadgets, and happens to be a galactic slaver. He explores brave new worlds, and brings home some beef from them!  I wasn’t sure if he was an alien at first, but eventually decided he’s not. The purple color is a future fashion choice.
1)  Gorm’s first appearance, as he straps a stunned studboy down on the examining table. I think he’s waking up, better get that brain scrambler on!  (The brain scrambler is that headband with the colored lights.  Brains scrambled, the guys are a lot more managable.)
2)  I mentioned strange gadgets, didn’t I?  Gorm’s leaves the buff beast in the studwasher, while he goes out to look for more like him.  Unfortunately, there’s a slimy space slug that just loves those pink tie wraps.  It’s already polished off the brain scrambler, and is working on the rest of the restraints.  Boy, is this guy in for a surprise when he wakes up!
3)  Another interesting gadget is the tape-o-matic.  This little guy just loves to measure everything, and gathers all the stats anyone could want on the cargo.
4)  Skipping ahead to a later pic, we see some stunned studs being loaded into tubes, for transport back to base.  This is one of Gorm’s competitors, the unscrupulous LabRats corporation, which specializing in supplying guys for scientific experiments. Gorm would do things a little differently, starting with getting those loincloths off before he tubes the guys!
5)  This pair of LabRats are contributing to the search for the elusive “Essence of Man”. Locking them in the steam tube then letting the LabRats follow their natural instincts should create a nice mix of steam, sweat and semen. They guys are fully instrumented, and  if they seem to be slowing down because of the heat, they’ll be blasted with jets of icy seawater.  All in all, it sounds like a good formula, but the scientists say more testing is needed. I think they just want to flog the video on SpaceNet!
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The One Hundredth and Twenty Third of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

Rod Lancaster had always considered himself a regular guy; honest, dependable, a decent friend and support when the chips were down, and, ok, he owned up to the usual faults as well…but nothing overly serious. He reckoned that life would more or less run its normal course and in due time he married Cathy- they had been high school sweet hearts- sired a pair of adorable twins and forked out way too much on a mortgage so they could all live in the burbs. The strapping twenty two year old’s job as a design landscaper kept him fit, gave ample outlet for his creative side, and looked to provide a reasonable living as far as the mind’s eye of a young healthy family man could imagine…

The near economic collapse followed by years of grinding recession hit nearly everyone right where it hurt the most. Rod’s landscape business was an early casualty but he doggedly scrapped by working piecemeal construction and grudgingly assented to Cathy accepting night work as a waitress in one of the sleazy dives on the city periphery. They sold the house in the burbs at a staggering loss and moved in with Cathy’s parents, which was, as one can well-imagine, far from idyllic. It was during this time that the government, sluggishly responding to the growing emergency, began to issue a series of decrees aimed at reforming the economy and head off the potential of serious social unrest. The first decree, acknowledging the mass unemployment caused by the economic downturn, turned for inspiration to the principles of the old community service programs during the Great Depression; except that the ‘invitation’ to work for the government had subtly turned into a command. Two year stints at mandatory national labor for all unemployed males between the ages of nineteen and twenty nine was enacted and quickly followed by further decrees extending the time of service. Pay was minimal at first but was eventually abolished. Enforcers fanned out into local communities and became proficient at apprehending shirkers. Rod Lancaster, nominally employed in the construction industry, narrowly escaped the dragnet. Continue reading