The One Hundred and Fifty Second of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

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Perhaps it was that level of stark humiliation that finally drove John over the edge and reawakened the young delinquent that had lain dormant within him for the past several months. Whatever the case, though he made regular (if more and more infrequent) acquaintance with paddle and strap for minor disciplinary infractions, there was a different protocol at Jay Hickson’s farm for transgressions of a more serious nature. So far dreams of midnight beatings and trigger happy taser wielding deputies back at the city pen had kept John more or less on the straight and narrow…but half a year into his time at the farm and shortly after the walks with Bobby began…well, all hell finally broke loose. It all started with a stolen bottle of whiskey stashed under a pile of junk behind some derelict sheds on the sprawling property. At about half past three in the afternoon a whooping and hollering John Tanner had bloodied the noses of a couple of the foremen, made lewd remarks regarding their hypothetical sisters, slashed the tires on one of the tractors, broken any number of windows in out buildings littering the property and just seemed hell bent on causing mayhem. He was finally taken down by a flying tackle from behind that buckled his knees and a firm thwack of a 2×4 against his thick skull. John was roused a half an hour later and faced a fuming boss Hickson. Continue reading

Hamilton’s Vignettes – Ben Hur Silent Film

When I found this, I couldn’t believe it.  I was always drawn to old films about Rome and imagined such scenarios.  I wondered what the film goers back then thought when the  screen was filled with this scene and the amazing sight of a naked and bound youth.  Looking at those firm buttocks and I was transported to the galley.  Standing next to this bound Adonis, I could smell the odor from his tired, exhausted body, see his parched lips, gaze into his red, swollen eyes, stare at his flaccid penis.  But it would be his buttocks that would grab my undivided attention.
I would fondle him, slowly, gauging his reaction, seeing what parts of his body I would pay special attention to.  As for the rowers, perhaps they would become aroused as they watched.
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