Hamilton‘s Vignettes: “Le Palais de Plaisance de Madame Dumond”

My first vignette in quite some time.


“The Accountant’s and the Bank Teller’s Tale,” Chapter 11 – by Steve McHalperin

Chapter 11

Humiliation 202

Neither John nor Hank could say anything with their mouths full of cock. This was totally awkward and totally unexpected. They both tried to stay as still as they could, but even normal breathing was sensual. The slightest tongue movement was very stimulating! The inevitable happened: they both got hard. John’s cock followed basic wiring, reacting to the hog tie bondage. Hank’s tool simply reacted to the warm, moist surround of John’s mouth, a user-friendly environment. Neither could see the other’s face, but both were flushed with embarrassment.

Then an emotional transition occurred: the embarrassment receded, replaced by arousal. Tongues started to move, no longer afraid, but now confident, even willing to pleasure the other guy. They were in this nightmare together. They had been brutally tortured together. This new interaction simply continued the emotional evolution. It enhanced the bonding between the two of them.

The head straps allowed enough movement to stimulate the other guy’s cock, especially as each approached full rock and now that the young men rock cocks extended into their upper throats. They both realized almost at the same time that in this nightmare from hell, a face fuck might be the only note of pleasure in the menu of pain, even though it was mixed with ball pain. Their balls wanted to pull up in arousal, but the metal cylinders kept them stretched out. The two of them embarked on a sensuous suck off, abandoning embarrassment and embracing brotherhood, a brotherhood of sexual slavery but a brotherhood nonetheless.   Continue reading

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“The Accountant’s and the Bank Teller’s Tale,” Chapter 10 – by Steve McHalperin

Chapter 10

Bondage With Benefits

Kopinsky and Drury did finally pull out. They pushed their junk back into the leather jocks and stood in front of the two victims. Both were smiling, adding to the embarrassment of the young men.

Kopinsky scratched himself. “That was very good, very good, boys,” he said to the pair. “Bob and I really needed that! Fucking tight young male ass is one of the pleasures of our job! Of course, we need to sample your mouths, but we’ll save that for later,” he added.

“In the meantime,” Drury cut in, “It’s getting late and we need to get some shuteye. We’ll continue with the training lessons tomorrow. But in the meantime, since you two are being billed as slave twins, Paul and I thought it would be good for the two of you to get to know each other better. We have a little exercise you’ll be doing a lot of over the next few days, so we wanted to get you started on it tonight.”

While Drury was talking, Kopinsky went over to the equipment wall and brought back two metal collars, each attached to several feet of heavy chain. Kopinsky removed John’s leather collar and replaced it with the metal one, while Drury took care of Hank. The collars were high and made of very thick metal. They easily weighed fifteen or twenty pounds apiece. The collars were in two segments, hinged at the backs, and locked onto the young men with large padlocks in the front. The chains were already locked onto metal eye rings on the sides of the collars. Drury took the other end of the collar chains are locked them both to a metal eye cemented into the floor midway between the two young men. Kopinsky kept all the keys on his neck lanyard. Continue reading

Words of Wisdom – by Catglee

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