“Slave Training at Camp Alpha Male” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Face Fuck – Test #1

The Trainer collapsed onto 425’s back in exhaustion and after-sex fulfillment. 425 groaned as his shoulder joints once again were further wrenched in their sockets. The Trainer holding his head against His stomach, moved slightly away from 425, showing His renewed state of intense arousal. He took His cock in one hand and started to wipe it across 425’s face: up and down his cheeks, across his forehead, into his eyes, and, finally, against the slave’s tightly sealed lips. The Trainer knew from the slave contract that 425 had not authorized any face fucking. All at the camp had to respect that, but it was a clear objective to break 425’s resolve and have him begging to take Alpha Male cock in the mouth. The methodology was simple: pain and more pain. Eventually he would break; they all do. In the meantime, however, They would taunt 425, prep him psychologically for his eventual breakdown.

“Don’t want It in the mouth, do you, slave boy?” the Trainer jeered. “Open up for Daddy. You know you want it!”

425 kept his resolve and refused to open his lips. His face glistened with streaks of precum from the Trainer’s Alpha Male dick.

The Man smiled wickedly as He forced 425’s face upwards. “Not to worry, boy,” the Trainer said quietly. “We have it all worked out for you.   A few more pain sessions and you’ll be begging for it!”

The other Trainer looked at His watch. “Johnny, it’s late. Let’s get this scum bag to bed so we can hit the bar for some happy time!” He pulled out of the slave’s asshole with a plopping sound.

425’s head was dropped and the Trainers slowly unhitched him from his bent-over position. 425 winced and groaned as his arms were lowered.

One of the Trainers looked over at me. “I guess you wanted to fuck him, too,” He said. I nodded in reply. “That’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I’m bushed and we need to lock the boy up for the night. Sorry, chief,” He added

There’s wasn’t anything I could do at this point. Observers went into this knowing that permission to fuck the slaves was entirely in the hands of the Trainers. But, we also knew it would happen eventually.



Open for interpretation: Why are you doing this to me? – by Topsail

When one man has another at his mercy, it can be exciting both to them and to others watching, from several different aspects. Are they horsing around, feeling each other out in “show me what you can take” games; is it a punishment scene or an interrogation scene; is it playtime because they have this dominant/submissive relationship? In any case, it’s good masculine sport. Here are screenshots from one of the “gut punching” videos on X-tube. I especially liked this one because adding whipping to the scene makes it more “torture”-oriented, less “beating”-oriented. 


[Click image to enlarge.]



The Ninety Fourth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

The young patrician’s twenty-first birthday was a memorable occasion. After a long day of hard partying with his many friends, he nevertheless, still felt a restless energy. Sighing, he left his bed chamber and sought out one of the coming-of-age gifts that had caught his eye earlier in the afternoon…

“Slave Training at Camp Alpha Male” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 7

Chapter 7

After-Torture Fuck Fest

Nothing arouses an Alpha Male like inflicting pain on a sub. Both Trainers showed highly bulged pouches in Their leather jocks, and They couldn’t keep Their hands off them. I was also quite aroused from all the screaming and struggling. The Trainers’ faces were dark with lust as they uncuffed 425 from the bondage chains holding him spread eagled. I thought They were going to uncuff him completely, but they left the heavy ankle chains in place. One of the Trainers roughly pulled the ass hook out of 425’s ass, as the other Guy lengthened the overhead chains. They forced him to bend over at the waist and then deftly forced his arms behind his back and up vertically. His wrist cuffs were reattached, forcing 425 into a medieval strappado position. His neck and shoulder muscles were striated and mounded from the strain of supporting the heavy collar while bent over. The objective of this was soon quite clear: his ass was perfectly positioned for a fuck job.

The Trainers lost no time in getting down to business. They stripped off Their jocks, releasing Alpha Male cocks from the tight leather. One of Them walked up behind 425 and ran His dick up and down the young slave’s ass crack. 425 shivered in fear even though the torture chamber was quite warm. The young slave started to protest the impending intrusion.

“No. No! Not that!” he yelled, clenching his ass cheeks in involuntary protest.

“Ha!” the Trainer taunted. “You know you want it. You know you need it!”

The Trainer leered, positioned His monster dick right over 425’s quivering asshole. His Partner Trainer moved in and grabbed 425’s ears to immobilize his head against His stomach, so His buddy could push. And push He did, forcing 425’s asshole muscle to yield as the young man yelled out his abject humiliation. His face was screwed up tightly with pain as the Trainer’s big tool thrust its way up his gut. The Trainer groaned in pure sexual pleasure, grabbing 425’s hips for further support. Then the big In and Out began. Continue reading