Last of the Vikings – Karel’s Review

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Yesterday on Group Sharing,  I posted a YouTube titled  “George Ardisson dies like a Viking” taken from the film, Last of the Vikings. Unfortunately, this very erotic scene (visit yesterday’s post) is a fraction of the original extended torture scenes, much of which were censored and cut from later releases of the film.

A few years ago on CM, the very fine writer and film expert, Karel, wrote an excellent review of the film in which he describes the missing scenes. It makes for very HOT reading, I include it here.

Hopefully, at some point the original film will be made available uncensored!



Last of the Vikings1


Last of the Vikings

thanks for recalling this “L’ultimo dei Vichinghi” aka “The last of the Vikings” (1960) a movie starring Cameron Mitchell and (most importantly) the hunky, blond and muscular, Giorgio Ardisson who, at the end of the movie, undergoes a very cruel torture scene (BTW, nailed and not tied on an X cross).

I have already mentioned and briefly talked of this scene more than once, starting from my first posting in the Karel’s Column (where I mentioned it as one of “my preferred” torture scenes in movies) to other messages of mines in Movie Mayhem. E.g. please have a look to some of my replies to Achilles, Darklord and Herc03 posted at the beginning of June 2004.

This can underline how valuable in the story of S&M Cinema I believe this torture scene is.

Without repeating what is already said there (see there e.g. some information about the plot), let me give some additional information about Giorgio Ardisson and this “The last of the Vikings” movie. Continue reading

Group Sharing for 2-22-20

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The Two Hundredth and Forty Second of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

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Sir!! You are too kind…the lad with the funny ears is just so perfect for nefarious treatment! Don’t know what it is exactly- perhaps that look of complete masculinity, self-possession without a shred of narcissism (well, one can fantasize!! I am, after all, only describing a look), easy, cat-like fitness, innocence beneath the swagger as if there were a little boy just under the surface of all those hard muscles, hairy pits, shadow on his square jaw…and pelt below the belt… Playful and rambunctious and even rowdy when the mood strikes him, coltishly undisciplined…stuff like that. He could be a lonely cowboy putting the best face on things, or the hard-working son of a Midwestern wheat farmer. Maybe a young construction worker at his first real job looking for a girl to settle down with.

Whatever the case, misfortune rides his bare back like one of the Apocalyptic Horsemen; destined for detainment, he is taken down against his will; innocence he casually denied with a shrug or blush the day before, now a precious commodity lost forever. Wife or girlfriend, maybe even a young son or daughter…dimming dreams impossibly far away as he cries himself to sleep in his steel cage to the accompaniment of clanking chain hoping, in the dregs of spurious pride, that no one sees or hears. His lot has suddenly become pain- casually stripped for inspection, display, and hard use, his captive coiled young strength commanded for the amusement of others. Young, fit, and still full of life, his bitter road will be a very long one…