“Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Prep for Test One

He heard the metal door creak. Someone cleared their throat; it was Mr. Payner. He looked at Danny against the pole and nodded to his team.

“Good job, men. As usual. Have we had a piece of meat like this lately, eh?” he asked.

There were grunts of agreement. Gerry spoke up: “The last super stud we had here was Jake over there,” he said, gesturing to one of the muscle men, who grinned in response. “He put on quite a show, as I remember,” he added.

More grins and grunts. “Is the video ready?” Payner asked.

“No, sir, we were just setting it up,” a voice answered. Danny had no idea who was speaking, other than Mr. Payner’s lilting tone.

There were sounds of something happening, equipment moving. After a few minutes Danny heard that the video was up and recording.

Payner came over to Danny and slid his hands over the victim’s muscles. The raised arms position lifted Danny’s chest, accenting his taut abs. Payner ran his hands over Danny’s head, exploring the cordage holding his head immobilized.

“Oh, you are a prized specimen, young Danny. I really want you on my team. I know you’re scared at this point, so let me explain the test you will go through.”

Danny was breathing hard and his body was coated in sweat which had started to collect in rivulets down his chest and legs. His muscles glistened in the light, presenting a very sexy scene. He murmured a protest into the gag, but only inchoate sounds came out.

“You are fairly well bound to the pole,” Payner continued. “I think you know that. So, I bid you relax as best you can. Whatever is going to happen to you is absolutely going to happen, whether you want it or not. But, somehow, I think you’re going to want it. But, let’s see.”

“Here’s the test, boy,” he continued. “You are going to be gut punched by my testers here. You know how strong they are, and they will not hold back. You will be punched hard for as long as we want. The test is simply that you take it, not that you have any choice. But what I mean is that you survive it, accept it, maybe even thrive on it. Show us you can take it like a man! Prove you are worthy of the job. Prove you are worth the very high amount of money I will pay you! On the other hand, if you crumple and can’t take it, that’s OK, too. We’ll simply keep you around for amusement, which you will not like. The choice is yours. That’s where the focus and concentration I mentioned yesterday come in. Stay focused on surviving and making a lot of money, and you will prove useful to me in the security business. Lose your cool and go nuts, well, that’s not going to work out so well for you. Again, the choice is yours. I want you to survive this. I want you on my team. So do the other guys. But, it’s going to be rough, very rough, and who knows how it will come out?”

Then Payner addressed his guys: “OK, gentlemen, give him hell! Make him scream!”


3 thoughts on ““Danny’s Ordeal” – by Steve McHalperin, Chapter 5

    • Jay, I’m working on a gut punching story featuring “Jay” as the main character in your honor. He’s a wrestler and loses a submission match and gets the crap beat out of him. Question, however, for you: do you want to be the guy getting beaten up or do you want to be the puncher? You pick and I’ll make it happen.
      Thanks for your encouragement!

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