The Two Hundredth and Forty Fifth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric (Part 2 of 2)

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The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights o.jpg

15. The ripped young Hispanic, fresh from the streets of East LA, found plenty of time to work out after hours spent at his lucrative drug dealing business…

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights p.jpg

16. Sentenced to a lifetime of servitude when apprehended, this was made manifestly apparent as he was stripped naked and bound on display for auction.

•  •  •  •  •


The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights q.jpg

17. The jock had excelled at just about any sport he attempted, and could have- with patience and a measure of self-discipline- made something of himself and, probably, a shit load of money as a professional. Instead, having washed out at University and defaulted on his loans, the muscle stud found himself writhing, buck naked against the post, auctioned into perpetual servitude as a guarantee against his debts and warning (hopefully unheeded) to others of his kind.

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights r.jpg

18. As a family man, the young fireman blamed himself for the death of the runaway in the warehouse blaze. Though there was no way he could have possibly known she was there, his remorse was so convincing that first the inquest, and later the jury bought it. Sentenced to a lifetime of slavery for gross negligence and loss of life, he passively waited, oblivious of the blinding appeal of his muscular young nude body (unnecessarily) chained in place on the block. At twenty-seven, a dirty-blond with boyish good looks, ripped muscles, and masculine body hair in all the right places, his prodigious cock and balls alone would have guaranteed a high price. As it was, the buck set a house record.

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights s.jpg

19. The demand for fit, handsome, young US marines was insatiable and prices reflected that. Adding to their allure was the fact that the elite military bucks seldom came up for sale (in legitimate) markets as, generally obedient, and inculcated in esprit de corps, the kind of serious infractions that would land a jarhead on the auction block were rare. Still, occasionally it did happen…

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights t.jpg

20. John Burgess hailed from the deep south and, generally a good boy, just freaked out at the treatment encountered at boot camp as well as the alien Southern California culture where his base was located. Remanded for going AWOL after having been missing for over two weeks, it turned out John had been stone-drunk just across the Mexican border and didn’t remember much at all. No matter, the offense was enough to land him, stripped to his fly fronts, in front of the auctioneer. Remanded to a life of slavery, the consortium was confident that the young marine- with a handsome, vulnerable baby face, but hard hairy body sheathed in honed muscle and ‘high and tight’ cut blond hair a sure advertisement of his origins- would produce a serious profit. The auctioneer cleared his throat and began the proceedings with a bit of calculated whimsy, ‘As a pre-auction warmup, who among you, ladies and gentlemen, would like to begin the bidding for the privilege of removing this young soldier’s USMC approved fly fronts…and then conducting an intimate, er, inspection of what they contain?’ Bidding began at two figures and, amazingly, soon ran to four…but that was only the beginning.

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights u.jpg

21. The captain of the semi-pro football team was caught game fixing. It turned out the penalty was fixed as well.

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights v.jpg

22. Mike Charleton was billed as the slave owner’s once in a lifetime chance to purchase ‘the guy next door’. Another casualty of the ‘three strikes you’re out’ legislation; all of his infractions had been relatively minor…but the law was the law and, besides, certain corrupt cops catering to a special interest clientele had spotted and earmarked Mike ages ago. Fronted through a dummy company by an outfit called MOSLA, he was guaranteed to fetch a fortune. The opening gambit; force the scandalized young stud to strip off all of his clothing after mounting the block as the bidding reached near-frenzied levels. By the time the handsome, twenty-five year old lowered his shorts records were being broken. Soon he would be too.

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights w.jpg

23. Ricky Castor was twenty-three and until a couple of weeks ago had looked forward to a life full of promise. All of that had changed the day he ran over the mayor’s Alsatian puppy. The case had been a press sensation with many saying, to no avail, that the penalty for reckless driving and negligence was far too harsh. Now Ricky stood shirtless under the bright lights of the auction floor with his beltless levis sagging around narrow hips. The look of concerned perplexity on his boyish face was priceless and many potential buyers soon found themselves wet between the legs…

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights x.jpg

24. When ordered to lower his levis and undershorts so the bidders could ‘view the goods’ Ricky balked. Shaking his head like a dumb animal, he just stood there, unable to move…mumbling inarticulate protests. No matter. The team of handlers were consummate professionals and within a matter of only a few minutes had the struggling buck strung up against a portable post with everything hiked down to his knees. Proud cock and balls now on full display the crowd demonstrated its appreciation with applause and a few good-natured catcalls. Bidding, when it commenced a few minutes later, was brisk.

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights y.jpg

25. The illegal immigrant, hailing from some forsaken place wracked with violence and corruption on the edge of nowhere, remained stoic as he was led under the lights and strung up naked on the block. It was in his nature and, besides…maybe being someone’s slave wouldn’t be that bad once the humiliation of the sale was endured and gotten over. Fetching a decent price, the new slave was soon disabused of that silly notion.

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights z.jpg

26. The last three lots all represented a perennial favorite niche in the market; young, handsome, muscular…and hairy. First up was a brute that still bristled with attitude. He had been kept that way on purpose- spared many of the early rigours of training- in order to insure his future owner the pleasure of breaking him in. Fully realizing this (in fact, he had been explicitly told so) he steeled himself, both mentally and physically for the upcoming struggle; vowing NEVER to let another human being master him. What he failed to grasp, as he stood wrapped in false bravado stark naked and strung up helplessly under the bright lights over the block… was that he wasn’t a human being anymore and, no matter what the animal rights people said, for him- as soon as the final hammer fell signifying his sale- well, the old rules of engagement…just didn’t apply anymore. It took a while, but within six months he had learned begrudging obedience.

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of  One Thousand and One Nights zz.jpg

27. Second was a buck sporting a muscular torso pelted with dark fur with a rugged face and demeanour that fairly shouted, ‘Put me to hard labor’. Fully aware of the utilitarian appeal, the auctioneer smiled and whispered into the mic, ‘But, ladies and gentlemen, there is SO much more!’ When the embarrassed stud was ordered to lower his shorts and ejaculate on the floor it was no surprise that the projected sale’s price doubled.

•  •  •  •  •

The Two Hundred and Forty Fifth of One Thousand and One Nights zzz.jpg

28. Finally, Matt Armstrong; dark haired, model-quality handsome, and utterly fit at a mere twenty years old was led warily under the lights to mount the block. He had been shackled as a precaution since his training was only partially complete and fire glimmered, like barely banked coals, in the dark depths of his flashing eyes. Lightly oiled and completely naked, his hard hairy body was as near perfection as genetics and the company’s trainers could achieve but the glory of Matt Armstrong was what rode between his muscular thighs; a thick cock of prodigious length primed for action and a pair of tight dangling balls to back it up. ‘Sold by his family under new indemnity laws to settle accrued debt and put his little sister through college someday,’ the auctioneer crooned. ‘This one would make an admirable breeder, folks, and return a handsome profit to match that formidable equipment riding between his legs…’ He paused, working the crowd, ‘Good for the fields, industrial grit, or maybe just the back garden as well…’ he winked at a breathless matron in the front row, ‘or, perhaps, some other things as well?’ Matt cringed with humiliation when commanded to give a demonstration but eventually, convinced by the threat of a handler’s electric prod, complied with admirable results. Some forced poses, flexing supple muscles, and two hours in a (pay by the minute) exam cubicle sealed his fate; Matt fetched the highest single price of the evening.





6 thoughts on “The Two Hundredth and Forty Fifth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Amalaric,
    Your cup runneth over! I still haven’t gone through them all.

    PS: #21 is my favorite. The way he is bound, it looks like this may have come from a more detailed image. Is that still available?

  2. Aquadude,

    #21 was not part of a more complex scenario but, rather, part of a series of models I worked up using different heads and, sometimes, hair patterns. I will see if I can find a few and send them over…

  3. Just went through whole Amalaric’s beautiful pages ! Really great artwork !
    Just one query : on these two lots of 255th issue, would there be any way to enlarge the pictures as it’s the case for all others ?
    Thanks again !

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