Some old friends –by Topsail

We don’t get to meet many “Russian” boys any more,
but here are a few who dropped by for a visit. (Some BOYS!)
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Topsail Caption

Another year, another unfulfilled wish.
(Birthdays aren’t what they used to be.)


“Some like it tight… and white.” – by Topsail

Here’s a salute to Amalaric’s most frequent theme:       -Topsail

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Topsail Captions – “Tom’s Men Speak”

It’s been a while since we heard from any of Tom of Finland’s superhunks.


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Topsail Captions – “Caught Hired Hand.”

When I saw the Amalaric posting last Sunday, 156th of 1,001 Nights, I was dumbfounded to learn that an 86-year-old can still “react”, if given the right impetus.

I called Amalaric to express my profound gratitude, and received his permission to submit my captioned take on it.




Topsail Captions – subjects “borrowed” from

It has been a while since we admired some of the stars of a certain Russian torture chamber.  -Topsail

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Topsail Captions – Using Scenes from Aquadude’s Graphic Stories (16)

Waiting, knowing, dreading…
   the hours drag, the terror builds,
    yet time has passed all too quickly,
      the reality of impending torture
       is signaled by the clank of steel,
        a dungeon door opening, creaking,
         footsteps, voices, commands…
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Provocative Subtitle – by Topsail

Sounds like a plan. (But make it “nice and slow.”)