Jungle Slaves – by Teracles

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Somewhere under the mysterious jungle temple, the slave driver strips the harnesses off his team. The big guys are exhausted after another hard day’s work under the lash, but they’re not done yet.  Time for a little fun, at least for the guards, with some wrestling in a fire-lit pit.  Get that gear off guys, and let’s see some action!


The slaves need a little encouragement, but they put on a pretty good show wrestling in the pit. 


Space Bods – by Teracles

News Flash!
Space Pirates raid the Mr. Galaxy Contest!  Leading contestants captured!
So begins my new space pirate series. So far it’s mostly a bunch of pinup-style pics of the captured contestants, but I thought this one might be of interest to the guys here:
Pete and Spike here are sold to a buyer who wants them shipped naked, hot and sweaty.
Fortunately, the transport company has crates for that. Fortunately for us, the sides of the crate are transparent aluminum. 🙂 Have fun on the trip, guys!
 You can check the rest out on my Deviant Art page if interested.  I have a couple more ideas, let me if you have suggestions.

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Kaanga Comic – by Teracles

Kaanga is one of the heroes from “Jungle Comics”, I’ve posted a few drawings of in the past.
Here’s a new effort, with a cliff-hanger opening.  Will he escape?  Well, he is the hero 🙂

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