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Seasons Greetings 2019 from the Bunker


Bunker Xmas Card 2018


Seasons Greetings 2017 to Each and Every One of You!

Hi Guys,

The Bunker is frequented by members from around the world. It is no secret to any of you, those of us who live in the USA have had a very difficult political year. And it, unfortunately, affects everyone on this shrinking planet.

History shows us that human values – the demand for sanity, for speaking the truth – win out in the end. No matter where you live.

Our Christmas Card this year reflects this.



Bunker Xmas Card 2016


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Bunker Xmas Cards — Aquadude

Hi Guys,

Since this is a week of nostalgia, here are the Bunker Xmas Cards from the past eight years, 2007—2014. Also, I am including one from the old MusclenManacle Site from 2002.

Each card represents some prominent feature of that year

Archived under Bunker Content/Potpourri/Xmas Cards.

Sharing the fantasy,


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