A New Years Greetings from Afterdark & a new Single Plate Comics #10: Dragon Trap

Hi Guys,

Afterdark just sent us his New Years Good Wishes – along with a brand new Single Plate Comic.

He is busy traveling for work at present so can’t participate as much, but says he still follows everything.

From all of us at the Bunker, thank you, Afterdark!  It’s fitting on New Years Day to post something from a true pioneer in the art of photomanipulation.



(Click Single Plate Comics below for #1-#9)




Afterdark’s SIngle Plate Comics #7: Mission Reprisals

Hi Guys,

Very pleased to post yet another amazing piece in Afterdark’s Single Plate Comics series.

Someone commented on the last one, he would like to see it expanded with more detail. While I share the enthusiasm, I don’t think that’s what Afterdark is doing in this type of art. He’s giving us just enough to fire up our own imaginations and co-create the fantasy out of his work.

I always confuse the terms, “Expressionism” and “Impressionism” in art. Does anyone know if either of these terms might apply to these plates?

Regardless, Thanks Afterdark!



The series to date is archived both in Special Albums: Afterdark  and in One Stop Fantasies: Single Plate Comics.