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A few years ago on the old Yahoo site, we posted a number of Nick Carter Excerpts from the spy novels. When I transferred them to the new site I neglected to include this interesting final scroll which contained the results from a survey of members voting on whom they would pick to play Nick Carter in a movie.

While you’re at it, you might want to spend time revisiting these great hero-in-distress excerpts. Some VERY hot reading!

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Scroll - Picks to Play Nick Carter

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Nick Carter Excerpts — Dragonfire

Nick Carter #234, Dragonfire,
Jove 0-515-09444-7, 1988


Carter started to leap out of bed for his weapons on the bureau, but he was far too late.
Two figures dressed in dark clothing, black ski masks covering their faces, had burst into his room. He got the momentary impression of a large, oddly shaped handgun, the sound of a soft pop, and something hot and sharp stung his bare chest.
He looked down to see a dart sticking into his skin just above his right nipple, and he tried to reach for it with fingers suddenly too large, and the dart and his chest began to recede faster and faster . . . .

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Nick Carter Excerpts — The Damocles Threat

Nick Carter #155, The Damocles Threat,
Ace Books 13573-0, 1982
“You have been a nuisance, Mr. Carter . . . or Dr. Larsen . . . or whatever your real name is. But a nuisance that will be taken care of this evening.”
“Here, what is this all about?” Damerman blustered.
Townsend turned to him. “I’m afraid this charlatan has taken you in, my good Doctor. He is not in actuality Dr. Michael Larsen. I don’t know quite yet who he is, but we will find out. And you can rest assured that he will not bother you again.”

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Nick Carter Excerpts — Trouble in Paradise (Part 1)

Nick Carter #121, Trouble in Paradise,
Charter Books, 1978
Excerpts, Part One:
   “What am I doing here?”
   “I am Captain Basil Pettibone. You are a pris­oner of the BLF, the Bahamian Liberation Front.” He said it with a certain fanatical pride. I realized that if they were all like him, I was up against a pack of lunatics.
   “It be bad for you if you try to escape,” he warned me. “I have six more guards outside. We be waiting for de car to take you to the ‘Minister of War.’ Here you be interrogated.”

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Nick Carter Excerpts — Trouble in Paradise (Part 2)

Nick Carter #121, Trouble in Paradise,
Charter Books, 1978
Excerpts, Part Two:
   The bastards had managed to work their way around behind me. Without am­munition, there was nothing I could do but run.
   This I did with all my might, right into them. I don’t know how many there were—the jungle was thick with them. I fought like a Hun, feeling my fingers digging into eyes, my knees flattening scrotums. It was a futile exercise. No sooner would one go down than another would come at me. At one point I broke loose and ran, but I was overtaken by others. They just kept coming at me out of the darkness. A well placed rifle butt finally subdued me.

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Nick Carter Excerpts — The Gallagher Plot

Nick Carter #114, The Gallagher Plot,
Award Books AD1647, 1976
I shook my head. ” So long as I don’t sign, you’ve got to keep me alive.”
I settled back in the leather couch. “Well,” I said, “I told you I’ll be damned if I sign away two million, five hundred thousand dollars to you. How do you plan on making me change my mind?”
St. Hilaire tapped the edge of the desk with his fingers. “Nikos is aboard, Mr. Harding,” he said. “I think I’ll let him try to convince you.”

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Nick Carter Excerpts — Hour of the Wolf

Nick Carter #79, Hour of the Wolf,
Award Books AN1157, 1973
A voice came out of the darkness, “He is com­ing around.”
“Good!” another voice exclaimed. “Are you ready, Garth? I have very little time for this.”
The first voice answered laconically, “As ready as he is.”
Slowly the dark clouds parted, but at first nothing made any sense. I was swimming in a sea of pain. Then, gradually, I realized that I was stark naked, sitting upright in a studded iron chair. When I tried to move, I discovered my wrists and ankles were restrained by sharp metal shackles.

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Nick Carter Excerpts — Strike Force Terror

Nick Carter #70, Strike Force Terror,
Award Books, 1973
The short man studied my face carefully. “It is unfortunate that you remain stubborn.”
“I wish to know who you are and what organi­zation you work for,” he said briskly, as if it were all business at this point.
“I can’t tell you,” I said
He motioned and one of the guards came over and struck me across the face with the muzzle of his revolver. The blow hit me on the jaw and cheek and knocked me down. I stayed down on one knee, feeling a trickle of blood move down along my cheekbone. I gritted my teeth with the pain. “You bloody barbarian!” Heather said loudly.

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Nick Carter Excerpts — Operation Moon Rocket

Nick Carter #32, Operation Moon Rocket,
Award Books A295X, 1968
“Please keep still. Very still.” The voice behind him was lacking in inflection, but the gun pressed hard against his spine carried its own message, one not easily misun­derstood. “Good. Take a pace forward and turn slowly around, hands extended before you.”
Nick did as he was told. Johnny Hung Fat was flanked by two gorillas. Big, beefy non-Chinese gorillas, with snap-brim fedoras and fists the size of small hams. “Brace him, boys.”

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