Rendsz Congratulations Card

Rendsz has sent the Bunker this new site Congratulations Card (his style!) called “Lucky You.”

We can all be grateful to Rendsz. It was at his suggestion I picked WordPress for our new home. He has used it on his own site, Rendsz’ World, for years. Visit it for a real Hero-in-Distress treat (and to see how versatile WordPress can be.)  -A

lucky you

Just a Sampling!

Rendsz (aka Rendszeretlen) has contributed multiple stories to the Bunker, and did a regular graphic series called Sunday Offerings. We are only presenting one example of his work here. Rendsz has created such a fantastic website, Rendsz’ World, in which he presents his work in such a beautiful way, it would be unfair to you to view it here.


For an uncanny Hero-in-Distress fantasy experience, visit:



A Garth Serial by Rendszeretlen
(Garth is a character appearing in an adventure strip in the British newspaper Daily Mirror from 1943-1997. For most of us probably brought to life for the first time in Aquadude’s set of comic scrolls. I am grateful to Aquadude for his suggestion I try a retake based upon the adventure strip. In keeping with the fact that one of Garth’s enduring foes is Madame Voss, it seemed in keeping to match him up against female adversaries again.)
Part One
1. Ultimatum: Distraught
That night their lovemaking had been long and caring. It was always was, it had been that way since their first coupling. Not usually one able to hang around in his line of work, in his time with Lenana Garth had discovered the pleasure of lingering tenderness. Actually that night Lenana had drawn him inside her only twice. But they had lain together, kissed, stroked, talked and smiled till late into the depths of the night.   A remarkable change from the athletic performances he had generally put in with his women. So the commotion took a long while to penetrate, Gath had been in a deep sleep when Lenana was shaking him awake. Wondering what the uproar was outside.

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