New Author: “Long Days Journey” – by Phil Carter

Jon was not a lover of hitch-hiking.  At 28, he felt that the days of uncertain lifts in all types of weather were best left to the days that were behind him.  Unfortunately, there’d been no choice; a broken-down car and the necessityto get back home had forced him to start waving his thumb at unresponsive drivers.  Now, he was on a country lane that he believed cut off a large corner of country before opening onto an ‘A’ road that would take him to the motorway junction where the chances of a lift may be better.  His dark eyes looked at a lowering sky and he thought that it was almost certain to rain soon.  A perfect day!  He walked on, hoping for at least one considerate driver who would pick him up.

Jon became aware of the drone of a lorry engine approaching from behind him.  He half-turned as he walked, putting out his thumb in the time-honoured fashion, and heard the engine pitch drop as the vehicle began to slow down.  He fully turned and saw that the noise belonged to an olive-green, army four-tonner.  The truck slowed to a halt and Jon walked to the passenger door which he opened.  He started in surprise as he saw that the camouflage-clad driver was wearing a full-face cotton balaclava.
‘Gotcher!’ said the driver
‘What…’ replied Jon.  ‘Got what?’ Continue reading