“The Story of Ox” by Paul Smith (Complete)

Hi Guys,

Paul has graciously sent us a reformatted version of his eighteen part “The Story of Ox” as a single file for easier access.

On behalf of all of us, I want to thank you, Paul, for sharing this really fun story with all of us these past several weeks. My favorite line in the whole work is the very last one! (Bold type – four words.)



The Story of OX

by Paul Smith

  1. Muscles at Midnight
  2. The Van
  3. The Journey to the Farm
  4. Unloading the Beef
  5. The Rape of the Bodybuilder
  6. Basic Training
  7. The New Master
  8. The Bit and the Yoke
  9. The Big Muscleman
  10. Every Inch Helpless
  11. Repast and Reflection
  12. Return to the Plow
  13.  The Corral
  14. An Evening at the Races
  15. The Punishment of USMC
  16. The Punishment of Sextoy
  17. The Punishment of Mr. Tits
  18. The Punishment of Ox

Part One


“So, you all packed up?” Ted asked.

It was 4:20 p.m. at the offices of McGuire Thompson & Jones. A very respected law actuarial firm. 14th Floor, suit & tie. The office of Mike Jones, one of the studs of the office. Both in profit return and physique. At 24 he had risen up the ranks over the others with his keen business sense and devotion to work. When he focused he was intense. Any project he was assigned to came in on time, under budget with no tags. Golden boy.

It was not hard to see him as a favorite. Along with the work ethic came the physique. No one commented on it but everyone noticed. Mike had been a bodybuilder in college, competed in junior contests. Why he stopped doing so was a mystery to many. But he did not stop working out. Instead he just seemed to get bigger. For no apparent purpose. Continue reading


by Paul Smith
Part One
The banner was huge in the wrestling practice room. Jaks looked up at it during the marathon callisthenic workouts Coach put them through, or when covered by a teammate in practices. It fueled him.
At 5’8” and 167 Jaks was not the biggest guy on the wrestling squad, but it was very apparent he had the best muscles. Top-heavy with barrel shoulders and oversized pectorals, baseball biceps and V lats leading to a tight shredded 6 pack abdominals. His legs were thick on thigh and calves as well. The total package. On the mats he won each match almost just by showing up – no other guy in his weight class had such mass. His muscles intimidated every opponent before the whistle blew. His skill sealed it.

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