“The Fall of Ursus” by Patt1861, Illustrated by Teracles

Chapter 11  (FINAL for now).

Ursus was displayed between two columns in the centre of the room.

The only light came from two enormous candelabra that illuminated the ornate space they had brought him to. His thick wrists had been manacled once more and now hung from chains that disappeared somewhere above him: it was too dark to see where they ended. The position this placed him in stretched his arms cruelly – revealing the hairy pits that were covered in dense hair – his lats flared with the pressure he faced. His feet were similarly chained, yet they were anchored to two huge iron rings embedded in the marble floor that his feet touched lightly, so stretched was he. They had removed the collar, and when the guards had doused him with water, they had also removed the tit rings that he had been pierced with, leaving only the cock ring that now sat at the end of his semi hard dick. They had spared him nothing as they had pulled the rings out of his nubs – laughing with each other as he cried out in pain – once removed one guard had taken his finger and flicked the erect nub – the pain from that action on its own had been indescribable – and the men had queued up around the bound man to see who could illicit the biggest moan from their slave. They had removed the binding from the root of his cock and sac as well.

He looked around him – the room was shadowy but vast – he could see three couches covered with cloth of gold, wine and goblets; on a table before him lay the tit rings that had been earlier removed. Apart from that there was nothing -he stood immobile in his chains, his body taut and strained.

The heat in the room built from the candle flames. A trickle of sweat began at the hollow of his throat – he could feel it as it began its slow progress across his chest, past his pec muscle, across his abs – to where it gathered in his bush above his cock. He let his head slump forward. There was a sound from somewhere in the gloom of an opening door, and then he felt a hand on his lower back, soothing him there as you would child.

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“The Fall of Ursus” by Patt1861, Illustrated by Teracles

Chapter 10: Escape

Ursus was aware immediately that only four guards held him captive now.

They led him from the mill to the stables – slowly of course for he was fettered – but eventually they brought him indoors. The air stank of horses and hay littered the floor beneath his feet. Manure was raked into piles to the side of the wooden structure and the smell was overpowering. They led him to the centre of the room and motioned for him to remain there. As he stood there, the only words that he could think to himself were that now, only four men held him captive here. He was shielded from Tiberius and Magnus’s guards by being indoors now – 3 days ago he could have taken on 20 of their best henchmen without a problem – he was a legend – a demi-god – but in his weakened state he was vulnerable – what other option did he now have though. None. He had to take them down. Somehow. He looked around him and assessed the situation as much as his exhausted mind could. The guards began to remove his manacles that held his hands behind his back – his ankles however still chained. He lowered his head – at the moment when he felt his left wrist free, suddenly he jabbed forward with a punch, his hand balled into a weapon of deadly force – and launched it at the face of the guard nearest to him. The man went out cold – the other three remaining for a fraction of a second stood immobile in shock but Ursus, champion warrior that he was, wasted not one second and parried with a left hook to another guard – and in a few moves of his mighty arms – all four men lay at his feet.

He bent forward and grabbed the key to his ankle chains that were attached to the belt of one of the prone men and wasting no time, unlocked his ankles. As he bent down, he felt his vulnerability, his nakedness – his asshole open for show. But, he was unbound. Naked and pierced as he was, he intended to now escape.

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“The Fall of Ursus” by Patt1861, Illustrated by Teracles

Chapter 9: Ribbons

Chained and naked, they led him to a millstone made of carved granite; it was easily the biggest piece of stone Ursus had ever laid eyes on and seemed to be situated to the rear of the villa they had brought him to – he had been paraded past columns, fountains and busts of men and women that Ursus assumed were ancestors of the man they called Tiberius. The soldiers leading him had taken a dirt road – not going through the main entrance to the villa, and the promise of the cool, tiled rooms held within – they kept him in the heat at all times – naked and pulled along by the bull ring through his dick. This hurt him – the pain was steady as they yanked and it didn’t take him much to move when faced with their antagonism. Sweat cascaded down his chest, and Ursus was desperate for food, water.

Servants had watched him as he was transported along – laughing at him in his bondage…making jokes with one another. A young woman ran up to him as he was led and as if on a dare, swatted the manmeat before him. Ursus almost buckled over as her upturned palm hit the cockhead, now cruelly pierced – and yet her actions only brought gales of laughter from her friends. For a moment he met the woman’s eye – and he saw her hate.

He saw others – people who he could only assume were prisoners – they tended the vines and dug ditches close to the house – they were filthy and looked at Ursus with pity – not scorn. They were different from his captors. They had compassion. When he was free they would have their liberty too, He took in his surroundings – searching for possible escape routes – always remembering the layout before him for when he was free. And yet they still led him on.

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“The Fall of Ursus” by Patt1861, Illustrated by Teracles

Chapter 8: Trophy

Senator Tiberius sat in the early morning sun, shaded by an ornate and fringed canopy held over his head by four massive Nubian slaves to protect his pale skin from the heat. He wore a plain toga, decorated with gold leaves around the hem and shoulder. It was warm already, and he could see the hot Neapolitan sunshine was already burning hot on the stones of the man made harbour that he had created for access to his villa.

Tiberius was in his thirtieth year, and was descended from an aristocratic Roman patrician family which had guaranteed his early promotion to the senate. Tiberius craved power over men – he lived and breathed for it. His ambitions were fuelled by his lover Magnus, the Captain of his Guard.

Tiberius was muscular, but not as heavily built as Magnus – his face was angular and he was clean shaven as most of his class tended to be. His body was regularly denuded of body hair – he liked his musculature to be shaved clean and visible to his lovers. Magnus had more of a soldier’s physique – strong legs to support a developed torso – where Tiberius was more slight except in one respect – his cock was enormous – a legend amongst cocks, and Tiberius regularly paraded it at the infamous orgies at his secluded villa.

It was to this villa that Tiberius had demanded Ursus be brought.

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“The Fall of Ursus” by Patt1861, Illustrated by Teracles

Chapter 7: Pierced

As the sun slowly began to fade from view on the horizon, Ursus heard the soldiers releasing a heavy iron anchor overboard – he heard the crash as it hit the water and dissappeared to the bottom of the sea below them. Oars were removed from his hands and for a moment he was left exhausted, his energy depleted for the time being – trying to regain his energy and stop his ragged breaths that came from the pit of his belly. He had been rowing for hours – but they had obviously dropped anchor for the night. For the past hour he had not seen Magnus – for that was the name of the man who was seemingly in charge – but now there were guards surrounding him once more and he saw that four of them carried a huge beam of wood on their shoulders.

He felt them behind and in the next moment, they were lowering the wood across his blistered shoulders – ropes were attached to hold it in place and once more he was in bondage – a huge beam that four men had struggled to carry now laid across his shoulders. A man was before him, and he saw the chain on his bull ring unlocked – he was free to stand – but the ebony phallus was still inside him. His legs were like water – he knew he didn’t have the strength to lift himself and the huge beam from a kneeling position – especially when still impaled.

The guards seemed to read his mind, and as he knelt, he felt hands underneath his arms – fondling the huge pumped muscle – dragging him upright once more – as they did so he felt the pole sliding out of his backside – the relief was indescribable – and he felt a torrent of relief as the pole slid out – in moments he felt the lips of his arse close once more. He was released.

Magnus stood before him.

‘Yes Ursus – now you must rest for the night – he looked over his captive slave. Legs widely planted – to support the massive frame. ‘Guards’. Continue reading

“The Fall of Ursus” by Patt1861, Illustrated by Teracles

Chapter 6: Whipped

Magnus had one of his men bring a wooden chair to the deck. The boat had now moved away from the harbour – it was mid afternoon and the sun at its most cruel upon the naked shoulders of Ursus.

Magnus had his soldier position the chair behind his slave – now moving the oars with his supreme strength. Magnus had never seen anything like this before – never in the depraved orgy palaces of Rome had there been such a beast as this. His lover Tiberius shared similar taste in their prey – always strong, muscled men, massive between their legs – but they had never before come across such as Ursus. The chair placed to the rear of the grunting man on deck allowed full access to the huge muscles of his captive’s back – a back so vast, so etched in muscle that surely no man could develop unless they were the offspring of a deity, a half god themselves. From his vantage point Magnus watched as the huge arms moved up and down, then forward, manipulating the huge oars and powering the boat to move ever forward. There were about twenty of the guard on board, relaxing in the shade of the deck, and usually, it would have taken a crew of at least ten men to row this vessel. But today, only one man was at the oars in bondage. Magnus had let his men have access to wine – and he could hear their distant laughter – their joy in the capture of a legend.

Magnus silently laughed at how clever their plan had been. The captured inhabitants of Vulcano were a worthy ransom – this rebel, this hero of the underclasses would never let even a hair on the head of one of those people be harmed – he would sacrifice himself first, be chained naked and impaled in order to avoid their suffering. A masterplan indeed! Continue reading

“The Fall of Ursus” by Patt1861, Illustrated by Teracles

Chapter 5: Impaled

The guard had positioned Ursus over the huge ebony phallus jutting up from the deck – his legs had been maneuvered to a spread eagle position so his arse cheeks were open and revealed his hole to the Roman guard surrounding him. His ankle manacles were now removed – Ursus was still bound in the yoke – his arms wide and chained, his hairy pits exposed to all – his cock with the ring still achingly hard in front of him. He was shamed. He could feel a slight pressure at his arse hole. It was the end of the phallus.

‘Yes Ursus – can you feel the tip’ jeered Magnus.

Ursus rattled his bonds but guards were behind him – he could barely move – he felt hands pushing him ever downwards – he saw a guard attaching a heavier chain to his cock ring.

‘You will one day regret this, you fuck’ he snarled – his eyes ablaze with defiance and pride.

Magnus sidled up close. ‘But I wont regret it today my friend’. With these words he reached out and ran a finger on the head of Ursus’ shaft. He scooped up the dribbling precum from the tip and raised it to his mouth, licking a bit of the salty essence of Ursus with his tongue – almost savouring the sensation.

‘You taste like a real man Ursus’ he crowed, before sliding his hand under Ursus’ bound ballsac and placing the precum on his captives arsehole – wide and spread for all to gaze upon. Continue reading

“The Fall of Ursus” by Patt1861, Illustrated by Teracles

Chapter 4: Harbour

The Captain of Magnus’s troop arrived in the clearing and took in the scene before him with a smirk.

‘Master, the vessel is prepared and in the harbour – we are ready – it is as you wished’.

‘Ursus – we may have to delay your preparations until we are en route. Guards – move the beast’.

And with that, 8 guards surrounded the tethered giant – his vast arms bound in a yoke – his ankles tied with manacles and a chain – his erect cock pierced and drooling. ‘Yes – lead him like we would a beast. Use the ring to urge Ursus on’ cried Magnus.

The small procession moved away – they used the chain and ring, along with spears cruelly jabbed into the back of Ursus to make him move – he moved slowly – the ankle chain almost making him shuffle – whenever more pace was needed, a short yank on the cock chain and the beast would bellow and almost jump forward. The heat was intense – it was midday and they had moved from the thicket to a more barren landscape – they were near the sea – Ursus could taste the salt from the ocean ahead – Ursus had seen the almost natural harbour last night when he had arrived – an arc of rock that allowed a boat to moor safely – they topped the hill and the transport was clearly seen below – roped to the harbour side.

It was a small vessel – to carry maybe 20 men – no real quarters on board. Ursus took in the scene as they approached. There were men on deck already, sluicing the warm wood with salt water. They were now quayside and suddenly Ursus realised there was no mast – just two pairs of oars on each side of the small boat. Magnus felt his captives apprehension.

‘Yes Ursus – we have created it for you. Isn’t that kind of us. You will transport us back to the mainland – to Naploi with your superhuman strength harnessed by me. Shall I explain. You see – we have a seat for you too – to make it pleasant for you’.

Ursus scanned the deck. There was indeed a seat – if thats what you could call such a thing. To his tired eyes, he saw a shaft of wood – maybe ebony – it was black – that was screwed into the deck. It was big – the shape of a phallus – but inhumanly big.

‘Are you impressed Ursus with what you see’. They had made their way onto deck now, the boards of the craft burning the naked soles of Ursus’ naked feet.

‘I plan to impale you on it. In your mancunt – it will rape you as we make our journey – I will chain your cock to the floor in front of you – that will keep you on your knees with the giant phallus inserted deep in your bowels – every stroke you take with the oars will force you up – your massive bulging thighs will push you upwards – and then each time the oars dip, you will reinsert yourself – almost fucking yourself of your own will – will you enjoy the experience, Ursus’.

The captive God simply glared at Magnus – and spat a gob of spit into his face.

‘Still the rebel. But not for long. Guards – place him in position.


“The Fall of Ursus” by Patt1861, Illustrated by Teracles

Chapter 3: Ringed

Magnus looked at the bound figure of Ursus before him. He walked to his rear and studied his back – that vast expanse of his back – the muscles rippling even in his bondage – the deep rivet of his spine leading to that arse – so beautiful – so ripe and solid. Firm. He strode back to face his captive in the eye.

The brazier had been brought – the iron already heating. Magnus looked at Ursus with a leer.

‘So Ursus – are you ready to play’ he asked the God before him. Ursus spat in his captor’s face.

‘So brave’, said Magnus, ‘yet so foolish’, wiping the spittle from his cheek. He took a finger and placed it on the head of Ursus’ cock – rising huge in front of him. Ursus’ spit – he rolled a finger over the flared head. ‘Yes – lets start here – lets ring the beast’.

The guard was in front of him – in his hand he held a needle – heated – the steam rising – the guard took hold of the dick in front of him and grasped the head.

‘Take it slow’ Magnus said. ‘I want him to feel the insertion’.

‘He is thick – his meat is solid’ the guard said – matter of factly. Magnus merely nodded. Ursus closed his eyes. Continue reading

“The Fall of Ursus” by Patt1861, Illustrated by Teracles

Chapter 2: Captive

‘Bind him’ said the warrior standing over Ursus who was now unconscious on the floor – his limbs flayed – his breath ragged in slumber. ‘Bind him hard – and fast – the poison will not last for ever. I want him secure and ready to move when he comes around. I want him to walk to his fate’. The man speaking was Magnus – the Captain of the Guard sent by Senator Tiberius to capture the legend that now lay before them.

Tiberius was an ambitious man – from a noble family and he wanted control of Rome itself. His lover was Magnus, and at a recent orgy held in Tiberius’s villa near Napoli, a stranger had told tales of this demi God Ursus – they had heard legends of this man – this hero – they had heard of his strengh – his viriltiy and prowess with women. They had been told of his heroic deeds against the tyranny of Rome – this son of Hercules who had more strength and power than his father had ever possessed. Tiberius had obsessed about such a man, and had therefore decided to capture him. He wanted to prove to the senate and the people of Rome his supreme power – and the only way to show it was to enslave this hero – chain him and parade him before Italy as an emblem. Ursus was a myth – a warrior for the downtrodden, but he was also feared by Rome. If captured, if brought to Rome a prisoner – by Tiberius himself, the rewards would be great. Tiberius would outshine the Emperor himself. But how to capture the legend that was Ursus. Tiberius had invited the Prnce of Vulcano to visit his villa, and as he had entertained him, he had discovered the unfulfilled promise the hero’s father had once made. Bored of the old man, Magnus executed him the next day and without further ado, Tiberius had sent his guard to Vulcano to destroy and conquer the populace – sending them back to his estate as slaves. Once secure, Tiberius had moved into phase two of his evil plan – sending a false messenger with a lie to nearby Napoli – finding out where Ursus was at camp, tracking him down – he had to lure Ursus from the mainland to ensure success. His best troops, led by his lover himself, had waited for the first sight of the hero’s ship on the horizon. They had watched the giant disembark – followed him silently as he discovered the desolation – lettng him slumber – all the time planning, plotting, waiting for the right moment. His ship had been captured and burnt, his crew murdered. Now they had their ultimate prize. Now they had Ursus. Now they had this famed man beast before them. Continue reading