“Return to The Warehouse” – by Masterskrain (4/4, plus Epilogue)

Part 4.


He was actually now terrified at what was coming next, but his pride would not let him utter the escape word that would end the Torture session. He HAD to show that he could take it, even at the cost of his nipples! He looked on in fear as The Torturer rolled in a small table that had a towel covering various objects in front of his bound body. He couldn’t help but softly moan and even whimper slightly as The Torturer uncovered the table, revealing a box full of needles of various lengths from several inches up to over 6 inches long, several small candles, and a lighter. He was terrified at the thought that his nipple destruction was going to be by fire! He wasn’t sure that he could endure having his tits burned for any length of time!

Even in his fear and terror, or maybe because of it, his cock slowly rose to a full erection, throbbing slightly. The Torturer saw it, and just grinned evilly, even as he continued his preparations for the final Tortures.

He groaned when the Torturer opened up the 4 prong pliers and actually stretched a second constricting ring around the base of his right nipple. When it snapped off the prongs and constricted against the swollen flesh, he couldn’t help but scream out in shock and pain! Then the procedure was repeated on his left nipple, causing him to scream again in agony. The Torturer pulled put a set of even larger diameter suction cylinders, attached them to the vacuum pump and ordered the muscle slaves to hold them against his battered pecs as the pump was turned on! He groaned in agony, his huge biceps flexing and his washboard abs rippling and straining as the already hugely swollen and distended nipples capping his pecs began to swell and grow even bigger! Continue reading

“Return to The Warehouse” – by Masterskrain (3/4)

Part 3.


His Torturer released the catch on the rack and rotated him until he was standing upright again. The two nude musclemen were standing in front of the rack, each one holding a short leather flogger with knotted tails. He moaned softly, knowing what was coming next. His pecs and nipples were going to be flogged, and more then likely until he was screaming in sheer agony! When the two torturers stepped out of his limited field of view, he could only mentally brace himself.

“SMACK!!!!” One of the floggers slammed into the right side of his chest, immediately striping the hard muscle and hitting the distended nipple!

“SMACK!!” The other flogger slammed into his left pec! Before he could even moan from the pain, the first flogger slashed across his right pec again, and then the left one was hit again less then a second later!

“SMACK!!’ “SMACK!!’ “SMACK!!’ “SMACK!” The floggers alternated hitting his pecs and his nipples again and again! Within a few seconds more, he began to moan with each burning impact, moans which became louder and more urgent with each stroke of the floggers, until they turned into full-throated screams as his pecs felt like the skin was bodily being torn from the hard muscle underneath!

Somehow his total inability to move a muscle on his body seemed to add to his suffering, especially the fact that he couldn’t move his head. All he could do was uselessly flex his muscles against his restraints, which seemed to turn his Torturers on more, which drove them to Torture him even harder! Continue reading

“Return to The Warehouse” – by Masterskrain (2/4)

Part 2.


Consciousness slowly returned to him, fighting it’s way through the darkness that had overwhelmed him. When he groaned and opened his eyes, the first thing that he was able to focus on were the two nearly nude figures of the hooded musclemen that were assisting in his Torture. They were standing in front of him, slowly stroking their erect cocks, peering intently at him through the eye-holes in their half-hoods. When they saw him open his eyes, they stepped in, and with surprising gentleness began to lick and gently caress his raw, bruised, swollen nipples with their tongues and hot mouths.

As his mind began to process the comforting feelings on his nipples, he began to notice other changes. He has been stripped of his jeans while unconscious, leaving him wearing just the boots he had been given. He also felt the leather straps across the bare skin of his lower abs and his quads, meaning that it was still impossible for him to escape whatever further Tortures were going to be inflicted on his body, and especially on his pecs and his nipples.

He hung there on the Torture frame, moaning with a combination of pleasure at the feel of the warm mouths and tongues caressing his battered, tender nipples and frustration at his inability to even move, much less to be able to feel the hot muscular bodies of the two assistant torturers. Of course, that didn’t stop them from running their hands all over his stretched, spread-eagled body, feeling his thick biceps and broad shoulders, fingering his ribs and the taut cords of solid muscle down the sides of his torso, tracing each ridge of the rock-like washboard of his 8-pack abs, running their hands across the muscled towers of his legs, feeling the veins coursing down his massive quads, and finally to begin to stroke his totally erect cock, and cup his swollen nuts, making him groan with even more frustrated lust! Continue reading

“Return to The Warehouse” – by Masterskrain (1/4)

Here’s the follow-up to “The Warehouse”. Hope the Bunker Denizens like it…



Part 1.


He got the message on his answering machine almost 4 months after his last session. He had been waiting for another call soon. This message was slightly different then the usual call ordering him to come for an intense Torture session, though.

“Be at the usual location Friday night at the usual time. But, this time, be prepared for much more intense use then you have ever experienced before. If you endure, there will be a $50,000 bonus above your usual $3000 fee.”

He was also ordered to wear a tight pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt.

He had to wonder what he was going to be subjected to on this visit to the Warehouse. He was also rather apprehensive about what might happen to him if he was promised such a large bonus. He suspected that this might be the ultimate test of his ability to endure excruciating tortures.

Nonetheless, he drove to the usual location in the nondescript industrial park at the appointed time, and entered through the small door into the outer room. This time, though there was a change to his usual routine. There was no blindfold or muzzle, just a note that told him to remove his shirt, and put on the boots that were sitting under the table.

He slipped out of his street shoes and then laced up the boots. With no further instructions, he just sat in the chair and waited for whatever was to happen next. Within a few minutes, the door to the main part of the warehouse opened, and a muscular figure also dressed just in tight jeans and boots, with an executioner style leather half-hood stepped into the room. Continue reading

New Story by Masterskrain Starts on Saturday!

HI Guys,

Good news! Masterskrain has written a sequel to his earlier work, The Warehouse. It will be presented in 4 Parts, plus Epilogue. This may be even hotter than the original, if that’s possible!


‘Til then, if you want to refresh your memory, click this URL to take you to The Warehouse.

New Story- “The Warehou#B70DE95




Wolf Chronicles, Book 3, Excerpt: “Julian” – by Masterskrain (Complete 8-Part Story)


Wolf and I walked down Folsom St., working our way through the crowd of men filling the streets for blocks around for the annual “Up Your Alley” street fair. Wolf was wearing his combat boots, a pair of leather chastity briefs padlocked closed, and the slave chains, steel restraints locked around his wrists connected to his steel collar by a thick chain. He also had ankle shackles on, so he had to move rather slowly since he could not take long steps. I held the leash running from the front of his collar so he couldn’t get separated from me in the crowd. His hair was pony-tailed right behind his head, but from there it hung loose down his broad back, flowing like an ebony waterfall all the way to his waist.

I was in my tall Wesco Logger boots, a leather kilt with nothing under it, of course, my leather wrist gauntlets and mirrored sunglasses, with my short blonde hair spiked. I was carrying our driver’s licenses, some cash, and a couple of credit cards in a pocket, since there were vendors and food stalls at the event, and Wolf didn’t have anywhere to carry anything in his tight briefs. Neither of us had on a shirt or vest, since we had left them in Wolf’s car in the city garage, and I wanted to show off our muscles to the crowd.

As we mingled with the hot men filling the street, I heard lots of comments like “Wow, look at them”, or “Damn, what a hot stud!” I grinned at Wolf, and he winked back. I knew he was totally turned on, since he was a natural exhibitionist. As a matter of fact, so was I, and I was loving the attention. Of course there were hundreds, if not thousands of hot men out and about, so were not the only hot couple attending. I saw literally dozens and dozens of amazingly well built guys, both tops and bottoms walking the streets that day.

We had a really great time, chatting with friends from the bars, having hot men ask if they could feel my muscles, or Wolf’s muscles, run their fingers through his hair, suck both of our nipples, lick our boots, and more. I had to bet that we had our pictures taken at least 2 or 3 dozen times during the day.       We also got at least ten or fifteen outright propositions for sex, either with both of us with one partner, or even some groups wanting us to basically join in a scheduled orgy at a private dungeon. I told everyone thanks for the invites, but we did have plans for later, even though we didn’t. It seemed the most diplomatic way out of the propositions. Continue reading

“The Bet” (Complete Story) – by Masterskrain

Part 1

The Bet

Daniel French walked into the locker room at the local gym at the end of his daily workout. His thick muscles were dripping with sweat after the intense back workout he had just finished. The hard work he did at his job on a construction crew was plenty of exercise, but the gym workouts after work were for honing his body into it’s best possible shape and most massive muscularity!

Daniel was in training for the Mr. Mid-State Bodybuilding contest in just over a month, and he was determined to push himself as hard as he needed to do well, and maybe even win! The muscled 20 year old only stood 5’6” tall, but he seemed to be almost as wide across the shoulders. It almost seemed that he was made up of pieces of two different guys. From the neck up, Daniel was amazingly boyish looking, seeming to be only 15 or 16, with a friendly face and a brush of black hair. But from the neck down, he looked like a 25 year old professional bodybuilder with a thick back, sculpted pecs, a washboard stomach, tree-trunk legs, and vascular pumped biceps that were capped by broad shoulders and delts that were covered with a tracery of veins standing out on top of rock hard muscles!

“Hey, Musclehead” called out a voice. Daniel turned to see the grinning face of Vito Ricci, one of the other guys that worked out regularly at the gym.

“Hey yourself, Fruit fly! How’s it going?” Daniel teased Vito.

He called Vito “Fruit fly” ever since he had found out that Vito was openly gay, one of the few guys that Daniel knew that was. Even though Daniel was straight, and had a girlfriend, he liked Vito, and had no problem with him being gay. Vito could tease him just as much as he teased Vito, and neither one got mad, since they were friends, after all. He had even stood up to some of the other guys in the gym that had been making snarky comments about “That Faggot”.

“Good Workout?” asked Vito. “You’re gonna need it if you still think you are gonna beat me in the contest, musclehead!”

Daniel scoffed; “In your dreams you skinny little Fruit fly. I’m gonna mop the floor with you, and we both know it!”

Vito laughed. They both ragged on each other like this, even though they were friends. It helped give them both a little boost they might need in their workouts. Vito was a little taller then Daniel, but about 25 pounds lighter. However, he was absolutely ripped and shredded, with true 8-pack abs, and muscles that showed their striations and virtually every vein in his arms and torso under his bronzed skin. Continue reading

“Strong Elk” – by Masterskrain (Complete Story)

Author’s Note: This is a revision of an earlier story that was posted elsewhere under another title. I didn’t like the original ending, so it has been revised and expanded. I hope you like it.


Corporal Josh Kendall was scared! The young cavalry soldier was being held captive by the very group of renegade Apache warriors that his troop had been sent to capture. The rest of the squad had been mercilessly slaughtered in a cunning ambush just after dawn in a mountain pass. Josh might have been killed too, except for the fact that he had been thrown from his horse when it had bolted, and knocked unconscious when his head hit a rock.

When he awoke, Josh realized that he was lying in the middle of the bodies of his comrades. He watched, horrified as the renegades stripped the clothing and weapons from his friend’s bodies. When several of the warriors approached him, Josh tried to draw his pistol, but he discovered that it had fallen out of it’s holster, and was lying some distance away. The warriors saw him moving, and immediately grabbed him, and called out to their comrades.

Now, Josh found himself a prisoner of the Apaches. He had been told by the Sargent of the horrific Tortures the Apaches inflicted on their captives, and this particular group of warriors were reported to be even more savage then the rest of the tribe.

He was sure they were going to kill him in the slowest, and most agonizing way that they could. He had already been stripped of his uniform, and forced to walk naked for miles, with his hands tied behind his back, and a rope around his neck, being led by one of the warriors on horseback. Josh knew that if he fell, that he would be dragged by the neck, so he struggled to keep his footing, mile after agonizing mile. Continue reading

New Story: “The Warehouse” by Masterskrain

He got the phone call in the middle of the afternoon.

“Be at the usual location at 9 this Friday. The usual fee will be paid.”

That was all the recorded message said, but he knew what it was going to involve. He needed the money so the short-term pain he was going to have to endure was worth it to him. After he had moved to America from his native Taiwan, he had made some money from advertising endorsements and modeling, but now the money was going to the younger, more popular bodybuilders, and his income had dropped off. Still, at 32, he was in much better shape then most other men, so offering his muscles, his tits, and his cock and ass for men to worship and Torture was easy money for him.

He drove to the alleyway in the industrial part of the city and parked next to an unmarked door on the side of an anonymous warehouse just like any of a dozen others in the industrial park. Entering the door, which was unlocked, he found himself in the usual small room that might have been a reception area at one time. The room was empty except for a small table with several items on it, and a small armchair. There were also a pair of high boots in black leather sitting under the table.

Stripping, he folded his clothes neatly on the table, and put on the boots and laced them up tightly. Then as he had done several times before, he sat in the chair and picked up the first of the items from the table. It was a padded leather blindfold that he strapped tightly around his head, cutting off his vision completely. Next, working by feel and from memory, he picked up the muzzle gag with the attached collar and strapped it on his head, the padded gag in his mouth, the straps going up over his head on either side of his nose to meet in the middle of his forehead to continue over his head to be attached to the collar piece at the back of his neck. Continue reading