Tarzan and the Onbreekbaar 2b – by Lance (LDC)

Chapter 2b

“Not so tough now, huh, Tarzan? Where’s your defiance now? Come on! Get up! Get up and fight like a man!” Coy Banton teased as he towered standing over Tarzan who was on all fours. Coy had positioned himself in front of Tarzan to make the jungle hunk smell the musk of his crotch.

Panting, Tarzan gathered his wits. He can’t afford to lose this battle, he must prevail. Gathering strength on his legs, Tarzan burst like a panther and tackled Coy, spearing him in the guts! Tarzan immediately capitalized on his attacked and followed up. He instantly locked in a Sharpshooter and sat on Coy’s lower back! “It’s over Coy! Submit!” Tarzan ordered as he increased the pressure

“GGRRRRRR! Never!” Coy growled from the pain of Tarzan’s hold. “You think your hold will keep me at bay?! I have trained for this moment! I know how to counter and overpower you moves, jungle bitch!!!” Coy wriggled with increasing violence, kicking with all his might like a caged animal. KICK! KICK! KICK! KICK! KICK! The maneuvers off-balanced Tarzan and the jungle hero had to relinquish his Sharpshooter as he was kicked out of Coy’s body. But Tarzan was relentless, he jumped back at the prone villain. Continue reading

Tarzan and the Onbreekbaar 2a – by Lance (LDC)

Chapter 2a

“Coy Banton.” Tarzan said as he saw Coy Banton cockily standing a few feet in front of him. It has been roughly five years since that fateful day when they had that grueling fight. Tarzan remembered how exhausted he was when he did the last uppercut that knocked Banton unconscious. On that day, Coy Banton 6’5″ and 190 pounds had gone toe-to-toe against the 6’3″ 240 pounds Tarzan in an hour long back-and-forth match through jungle, waterfall, rocky riverbed and back to the jungle with neither warrior relenting to give the other triumph. Tarzan gave all his strength and skill on that match and so did Banton. Banton dished out all the scheme and cunning he possessed against Tarzan and endured the jungle hunk’s brute might. The battle could have gone any other way until Tarzan delivered the final blow. Tarzan was ecstatic and relieved that he prevailed, he bellowed his jungle yell then with the last drops of adrenaline pumping his veins and collapsed on his knees panting. It took half an hour more until Tarzan was able to pull himself up, tie Banton securely and bring him to the authorities who sentence Coy Banton to Onbreekbaar for life. That was five years ago.

Tarzan had thought that Onbreekbaar would reform Coy or at least weaken his evilness. It was one of the reasons the jungle champion had thought when he agreed to come and visit Onbreekbar’s reformation process. But Tarzan was wrong, deadly wrong as Coy stands now before him, more muscular than ever, bigger than even Tarzan! Tarzan looked at his opponent calculatingly as Coy did a double biceps pose mocking the jungle hero. Continue reading

New Story: Lance’s Tarzan and the Onbreekbaar – 1

Tarzan and the Onbreekbaar – 1

By Lance (LCD)

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story belong to and are copyrighted by the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs or their respective owners. I do not own anything.


Chapter 1

Tarzan’s muscular and bronzed 6’3″ 240-pound body and dark hair shone in the sunlight as the jungle champion emerged from the thick forest canopy to observe the ranger station below. The jungle champion saw a parked jeep with the emblem of the Onbreekbaar.

Onbreekbaar is an African island prison, one-of-its-kind – renowned for its strict security and for the high-profile criminals imprisoned there. Situated  three kilometers off-the-coast, the man-made island was built through slave labour in five years. Treacherous waves surround it, offering no solace nor freedom to anyone who dares breakout from it’s walls. In fact, no one had escaped from the prison since its inception a century ago. Many had tried during it first decades but all of the attempts failed and the jailers would always make example of those with failed escapes by impaling their bodies in the central ground for all the prisoners to see. Lurid tales of beatings, rape and torture surround the prison and even the hardened criminals fear being jailed there.

“There are visitors from Onbreekbaar.” said the messenger from Ranger Scott “and they would like to meet with Tarzan” the messenger ended. Intrigued, Tarzan swung immediately reached Ranger Scott’s station in half an hour.

Tarzan pumped his chest and bellowed his signature jungle call, “AAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAHHH!!!!!” Deep and regal, the jungle man’s roar reverberated in the area. Tarzan grabbed a vine and swung down, he landed halfway between the station’s door and the Onbreekbaar jeep.  Continue reading

New Tarzan Story Starts Tomorrow!

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Tarzan and the Treasure Raid

Tarzan and the Treasure Raid
by LDC
DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story belong to and are copyrighted by the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs on which I am in no way related.
Chapter 1
     It was just before dawn, the usual jungle sounds where interrupted by a loud and dangerous sound. The sound awakened Tarzan, king of the jungle from his sleep. Quickly, Tarzan tried to gather himself and observed his surroundings. He listened to the sound and found out that it was the sound of a chainsaw, two of them, in fact. Within seconds, Tarzan felt the tree house wobble. Although a bit dazed from his interrupted sleep, Tarzan skillfully moved to the side of the tree house and grabbed a vine and swung to the closest tree.
     Midway through the swing, Tarzan heard the crack of the rifle shot. Tarzan braced himself for the agony of a bullet wound. But to his surprise, he felt himself falling to the canopy below instead. Tarzan’s jungle-trained instincts took over and managed to grab a branch within reach and swiftly took cover in the large torso of the tree he originally intended to go. The large tree trunk barely covered Tarzan’s 6’3″, 240-pound, broad chest and tapered waist frame. The shooter’s skill is first class to be able the sever the vine despite its movement, thought Tarzan.

Continue reading

Tarzan and the Jungle Upheaval

Tarzan and the Jungle Upheaval
by LDC
DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story belong to and are copyrighted by the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs on which I am in no way related.
Note: Hi guys, I hope you enjoy this story. It’s a sequel to the Tarzan and the Treasure Raid. I hope I can finish it, moreover, your comments, suggestions and reactions are most welcome and would be very much helpful. Thanks. – LDC
Volume I – New Dominion
Tarzan climbed the highest tree he could find and for the first time in eight months, Tarzan’s yell reverberated in the jungles of Africa. The animals and natives felt a flicker of hope from their situation under the oppressive rule of the hunters, poachers, mercenaries and warmongers who have swarmed and exploited the land. The deep and brave voice of the jungle hero soothed their aching bodies and they longed to break from their bonds of slavery. Tarzan will come for them, he would save them and release them from their captivity.

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