Weekend in Hell House Illustrations by Wrock

Weekend in Hellhouse

Weekend in Hellhouse

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Readers: I’m submitting a story I wrote a few years ago with mixed reviews. I must warn you though no harsher than most stories, Weekend in Hellhouse deals with family slavery; a family devoted to their stepson as the family slave. It is a bit of “cinderfella” taken to the extreme.

Jimmy is an 18 year old wetdream of magnificent good looks and a body that utterly draws attention. The narrator is a few years younger and hopelessly captivated by Jimmy and Jimmy’s sadist family.


Weekend in Hell House

The Deep South (Circa 1950’s)


I’m actually trembling as I approach the door, an eruption of nerves super-charged in the excitement of arousal; the intensely passionate intoxication of newly discovered adolescent sexuality. For you see, I am totally captivated not only by a very certain young man but also by what I quickly realize as a breathtaking yet disturbingly lurid melodrama.

The first time I laid eyes on him it was, as they say of deer blinded by on-coming headlights. A beguiling seduction doomed to damnation. Jimmy’s big amber eyes betrayed an uncommon innocence, some might say “just plain dumb,” but also a forlorn plea, begging for approval. And something fraught with doom in the penetrating hard stare of desperation branded into the boy’s beguiling brow. Continue reading