Johnny Tortured by the Warlord — The Hamilton Commentaries

-Johnny Torture Series-
Johnny Tortured by the Warlord
The Hamilton Commentaries
Note by Aquadude
I want to thank Hamilton for writing these commentaries as each plate in this series was published. In the plates themselves, I had to discipline myself to write in a terse way to fit the available space. Using just text, Hamilton was free to expand on the fantasies presented, much to the enjoyment of everyone. Indeed, he often expresses a different take on the story, which makes it all the more interesting. His writing is so fine, I didn’t want it to stay buried on the Message Board, so I’ve collected it here.
(Excellent idea! Hamilton’s words beautifully complement the art, its
great to have them in one place. Thanks –Jayiijay)

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by Hamilton and Jardonn
Frank Cypert’s parts will be told by Hamilton; Jack Pendleton’s by Jardonn.
Part 1 — Wrong Place Right Time
Please be Chinese. What the hell are they doing down there? Not supposed to be any soldiers around for hundreds of miles. Please be Chinese… Chinese under Stilwell… please… they’ll recognize General Stilwell’s name when I say it… come on, be Chinese… Holy crap! Those uniforms are… are Japanese. Damn it to hell. So much for Army intelligence.
Well, Captain Francis Cypert, pray they start shooting. Come on, shoot me. I’m in range. Son of a bitch. They ain’t shooting. Means they got questions. Damn it to frickin’ hell. Well then by god, I’ll shoot at them. Maybe they’ll shoot back, if I can get to my… Geezus… I’m gonna clip that tree… gotta steer it…

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Shannon in Colombia

Shannon in Colombia
by Hamilton
A narrative sequel to the Scroll Novel, Shannon, DEA Agent     (located in the Aquadude Bunker).
Part 1
     The whirling blades have put him into an almost dream-like state as he stares at the sight before him. There, naked and bound and drugged into unconsciousness, is Shannon; his strong arms bound above his head, his legs spread obscenely wide, his young, powerful genitals hanging low. Next to him, is Raphael, looking at the bound boy like a wolf about to attack his prey. The doctor thinks back over his life remembering the first time he became aware of the sexual sensations he felt when he saw a young man being interrogated by the drug cartels. He found his own drug; making men and women suffer.

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An Arabian Night

An Arabian Night
   by Hamilton

(Based on the Single Plate Fantasy:
Johnny in the Hands of Sheik Abdul’s Sadist Son)

Trapped in that nether region between consciousness and sleep, our
young hero, Johnny, his fevered mind recalling the events of the day
lies exhausted, the slightest movement flooding his body with
pain. “Why?” “What did I do?” His cloudy mind searches for
answers. He feels something familiar, something from his past, but
what. Forcing himself to remember his mind travels back
to…Chrsitmas. He remembers his excitiment on Christmas morning,
running down the stairs; the tree, the PRESENTS. Quickly, he opens
one after another, hoping to find…YES that one special present, the
one that outshines all the others. He remembers how it felt to hold
it, to possess something he wanted so badly. The vision fades as he
realizes what the familiar feeling is; he is being held by those same
hands, hands that have found that one special present; HE is that
present and these hands possess HIM. These are the hands of the man
who tortured him in so many imaginative ways. The face haunts him as
his body experiences the pain in vivid detail, again. But that is
not all Johhny feels. He feels his tormentor’s desire; feels it
growing, burning, searching for a way to ease its own torture. “GOD,

Our young hero is not the only one who feels. The young Bedouin
holds his possession, afraid to lose it; afraid it will be taken
away; afraid it is merely a dream. Then, his hands feel the steady
drum-beat of a young, vital heart; a strong heart, a heart able to
withstand much stress and strain. Gazing down the beautiful body of
Johnny, he sees the results of the ‘tenderness’ he visited on this
magnificent specimen. Such beauty is only enhanced by bondage and
suffering. His handsome features grow sinister in the soft glow of
candle light as he recalls the day’s events, and grows excited at the
propects for tomorrow. But in between today and tomorrow lies
tonight. And the Bedouin, too, feels his desire growing, burning,
searching for a way to ease its own torture. GOD, YES.”


Milton says that ‘the mind is its own place and in itself can create
of heaven of hell, a hell of heaven’. Tonight, two men; one will
experience a most heavenly dream; the other, a most hellish nightmare.



by Hamilton
Based on Aquadude’s Single-Plate Fantasy:
The Caliph and the Crusader
This is a tale of two men, one powerful and ruthless, the other, humble and pure. It is a story as old as mankind, a story of domination, of sexual pain and suffering and most important, pleasure. Pleasure in all its varied and perverted forms.
Allow me to introduce you to these two men. The Caliph of Al Zubara, thirty-five, strong, virile and extremely well-endowed, is a cruel ruler known for his sadistic torture of handsome young men. He is no ordinary sadist. A learned man, he has made an exhaustive study of the male anatomy, how to best inflict mind-numbing pain as well as exquisite, unbearable pleasure, all with little or no permanent damage. He delights in making his victims beg him to do things they find repulsive. He knows how to make a man feel humiliated, vulnerable and, most of all, ashamed. He is a skilled artisan and his work may best be described by an analogy.

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