Short story: “Chad” – by Anonymous

Chad had no idea.

He was walking along not paying much attention to anything, when suddenly ,as he walked past an open doorway, a strong arm reached out and a hand clamped itself over his mouth. A second arm encircled his neck.

Before Chad knew it he was dragged off the street and into the murky warehouse.

The guy holding him kicked the door shut and then slammed Chad hard against the wall .

Chad was stunned for a second, then he felt a hand on his shoulder pulling him around .. to face his attacker. Chad didn’t see the fist that hit him suddenly in his well developed gut.

He folded up with a loud grunt. Gasping and fighting for breath his hands went involuntarily to his stomach. His attacker smiled as his took hold of a handful of Chad’s hair and pulled him upright.

John was still smiling as he pulled his fist back and aimed it at Chad’s unprotected jaw.

The blow spun Chad around ..facing the wall . John took hold of Chad hair and bounced his head against the wall . Not too hard .. He wanted to play with Chad for a while yet. Chad staggered back , John grabbed a shoulder and spun him around to face him, driving his fist once again into Chad’s unprotected belly. Chad folded up again, gasping and slowly dropped to his knees, His head forward, his hair brushing against John’s groin. John pulled Chad’s head up by his hair, smiling as he looked down at the glazed eyes looking up at him. Through the haze Chad realized that he was looking up at the face of a man who was taking great sadistic pleasure working him over. Chad felt helpless hanging in the grasp of this well built man who was now his master and could do with him what he wanted.

Chad was still gasping when John’s fist cracked against his jaw. .. Chad’s head snapped sideways , then slowly he pitched forward on his face. Continue reading