Bunker Daily Comics #744

Prince Valiant (14)  –FINAL

Hi Guys,

Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant may well be the most influential comics series ever done. The past two weeks I have attempted to showcase not only the astonishing art, but to also give some sense of the great storytelling…greatly increasing the amount of excerpts in each daily.

I am also attaching here random samples of the way the strip originally appeared each Sunday as a FULL PAGE of the newspaper, allowing Hal Foster free artistic reign and incredible detail with the spacious layouts.

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Listen to this quote from one of our greatest fantasy writers:

“When I was in high school my love for Hal Foster increased because he then invented Prince Valiant and I collected it every Sunday for the next twenty years.”

–Ray Bradbury

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Besides archiving this fortnight of Prince Valiant in the regular Daily Comics folder, I have created a special Prince Valiant folder in the Comics Section for easier access should you want to revisit it.

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The Prince Valiant Series – an interesting aside.

Hi Guys,

The first seven years of Prince Valiant (1937 to 1944), which we are highlighting in this series, was contemporaneous with Europe’s “Darkest Hour,” World War II. During this period, it was commonplace for Churchill and others to refer to the Nazis as the “Invading Huns.” So Hal Foster dutifully had Prince Valiant engage in battle with the original barbarian Huns.

Some of the imagery and wording of today’s sampling post (#8) and part of tomorrow’s (#9), take on much greater significance when seen in this light. Lines like: “He (Prince Valiant) has shown the world that the Hun is not invincible.”

The references were so obvious to the Nazis that they banned Prince Valiant from German newspapers.