“Black Dynamite“ Comic Special — Commander_nl

Hi Guys,

To add to our Anniversary celebration, Commander_nl  has sent us this very hot hero-in-distress comic sequence. To those who have enquired, YES! he wrote he is busy working on the “Marine Warrior” story. And Afterdark has done more illustrations. I can’t wait!


Atari Force — Complete

Hi Guys,    For easier access, the Atari Force Series (1-11) is being reuploaded as a single folder in Comics Specials. The individual posts have been deleted.

Introduction:  For the first comics post on the new site, I am doing a mini-series of one of my all-time favorites, Atari Force. It originally ran in 1982 as a 5 part special. When it was picked up again in 1984 as a 20 issue story special, they added a new character to boast the ratings: Tempest, a young, athletic hunk-a-hunk — who is the subject of most of the angst (beatings, torture) in the story.  -Aquadude

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