The Brothers Grimm — Aquadude’s Text Version

The Brothers Grimm … (2013 Rewrite)
An Adult Johnny Torture Text Fantasy
by Aquadude
R-rated for graphic descriptions of torture under interrogation.
The scenes that follow are complete fiction, in no way based on any authenticated practices, fabrications meant for entertainment and existing only in the imagination.
Warning: If the notion of a good-looking, muscular young blond Special Forces Agent being captured and methodically worked over for days by professional torturers to make him talk turns you off, do not read further!
Part One.
Johnny had checked into the quiet hotel, just outside of DC, about ten that evening. He had to lie low for a few days. He had just dropped Tremayne off at the airport. Johnny usually worked alone, but on this case had enlisted the services of the Agency’s top decoding expert. He had gotten his hands on a disk that could bring down the whole Consortium and its sordid operations. Traveling undercover, Tremayne was on his way to Hong Kong to get help cracking what appeared to be oriental elements in the code. If either of the agents fell into the hands of the Consortium, it meant certain torture. They wanted that disk back.

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The Brothers Grimm — Aquadude’s Text Version — Illustrated by Afterdark

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