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A Short History of Chained Heroes – by Commander (5)

CH2: Marcello in “POW in Pain”

Some months after the shooting and production of CH1 “Commando Torture”, my friend Rolf and I were at a gay dance club in Antwerp (Belgium), where gogo-dancers and strippers from Amsterdam, booked for the club by us, were entertaining the crowds. During the night I wandered around in the club, and my “boy-radar” picked up this young man, obviously working for the club as busboy picking up glasses and bottles. I was struck by his youthful good looks and obvious athletic build. He moved quickly, worked hard and passed me by several times, throwing me a quick glance. About an hour later, deep into the night, he did his rounds again, but now he had stripped to the waist! He had a fine body, beautifully balanced muscles and was in great shape. So, I talked to him and….

About a month later he came to visit in Amsterdam. We needed little time to agree on working together. As soon as it was settled that I was not after some sexual gratifications, he made it clear he was willing to do many things: doing male stripshows and making a torture video for me. He was straight, a working class guy, worked a gruelling dayjob in a steelfactory and had a child by a girlfriend. He had the intention to marry and take care of his family, but was penniless……

After the customary test session, during which I noticed that Marcello had a fighter’s heart and courage, we decided to make a video, again on the POW-theme. Marcello spoke little English, but could say “no mission” in many different ways, expressing anger, determination, frustration and yes, also agony! The perfect actor for the role, because he had to keep silent no matter what would be done to that amazing body of his.

The space was the same where CH1 was also filmed. The difference was that the camera crew had changed: now Rolf, who is a great photographer, was in charge of lighting and shooting. By the way, the good news is that he will be behind the camera again for Real Chained Heroes!

Like I said, Marcello was a natural fighter. As he was chained up in the torture room, in his camo-pants and, of course, stripped to the waist, presenting his muscled athlete’s physique, and from the moment the torture started and he felt pain (and he took real pain, believe me!), he let his anger help him to deal with the agony. He really identified with his role and was absolutely determined not to give in, but to hold out his pain until the end of the shoot.

Let me tell you one anecdote, which teaches you everything about Marcello and his manly attitude. During another shoot (never published, alas) he had to take a series of abs-punches. The puncher did a poor job, in the eyes of Marcello! He said (in French): “come on, hit me! harder!” and then, after he was unchained for a break, he looked at me – his abs already reddened – with that fiery look in his eyes and said: “the guy is afraid! He must do like this!”, and he punched hard into the door to the bathroom in the studio. The force of his punch made that door creak and he almost broke it! And I could see in his eyes that he was serious: the puncher should punch him for real!

Marcello and I became friends of a kind, actually. He was a fine young man and very nice to be around. And yes, he and I had many sessions in private, and all of those were always intense and hot. Marcello gave it his all always: he entered the torture room, changed into his camo-pants and stripped to the waist, and stood ready to be chained. He took the whip really well and expected from me also to take his torture seriously: no pulling of punches or weak lashes! For him taking the pain was proving that he was a man. I gladly offered him the opportunity to do so. After a few years he did marry, and we lost contact some time after that.

Enjoy the stills from “POW in Pain”! As I selected them for you, I remembered with respect Marcello’s performance.

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The One Hundred and Ninety Ninth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

The elderly banker was used to getting want he wanted. With a little encouragement and a lot of engineered debt, what he got was Steve Kitt, a young gardener in serious financial straits with a vague idea that somehow, appealing to the banker’s benevolence, he could ‘work’ off the principal. When commanded to strip to his briefs, Steve was savvy enough to blush at the kinky impropriety but, nevertheless, eventually executed a mental shrug and shed shoes, shirt and trousers. He was a well-built, good looking guy and not overly modest or concerned about his body. Smart enough to realize that the banker was probably a faggot, Steve reckoned the older man could drool over the sight of him in his shorts- but that was all. Absolutely. Except…he was wrong.

Steve Kitt had made his fair share of mistakes in life and was smart and humble enough to admit (at least to himself) that he didn’t always get everything right. Stripped to his modern loin cloth he cut a fine sight as the smug banker’s nostrils fairly dilated with rank anticipation. It was only when the heavy iron shackles were surreptitiously slapped on his wrists that Steve realized he may have gotten far more than he had bargained for. The snick of cold metal alerted the young gardener to some stark facts. The ante had suddenly been impossibly raised and the real games could now begin.


The One Hundred and Ninety Eighth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

‘I’ll get you, my pretty…and your killer-hot dogboy Toto too!!’