Group Sharing Continues for 5-28-22

(See Special Announcement on June 6)

Hi Guys,

An experiment to see if we can help each other expand our enjoyment of the Net and TV!

If you see something you think others on this site might like, please share it in the Comments to this weekly Saturday post (click thought bubble in upper right corner) .

Movies, episodes, stories, websites, your own sites, even pay sites, special sales, etc. – be as descriptive as you like. Be sure to include the URL or Network.

Sharing the fantasy,



11 thoughts on “Group Sharing Continues for 5-28-22

      • Sadly Art of Abs’s has had its content removed by Gum Road/ paypal for some reason or another when i looked this morning.

        Commander if your reading this you may wish to look into a alternative site for posting your real chained hero videos, just in case they are systematically targeting such content, cause if they are they might do it to your videos at some point.

        At least if you shop around for a backup home for your vids, you will be back in action much faster. Fingers crossed they don”t delete your stuff though

  1. Hi Commander, sorry i don’t have a facebook account or i would of posted this on the RCH site. Instead of this roundabout fashion. But i found a link to a potential model for RCH. This link should take you to a page with three social media sites. Onlyfans, twitter and instagram.

    AKA Oliver at Art of Abs.

    Seen him do mostly gutpunch stuff, but i have seen a couple of vids of him being flogged with a belt. Not sure if he open to the kind of pain levels you are looking for, or if he is open to additional work or else committed to Art of Abs exclusively. But thought he might be a good candidate to talk to in either case.

      • No problems!!! Like i say i don’t know if he is pledged to art of abs exclusively or not. Or if he would be interested at all for that matter. But I figure it can’t hurt to reach out and offer a business card him just in case he is available/interested or if he becomes available at a later date.

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