Group Sharing Continues for 12-11-21 (See Special Announcement on June 6)

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An experiment to see if we can help each other expand our enjoyment of the Net and TV!

If you see something you think others on this site might like, please share it in the Comments to this weekly Saturday post (click thought bubble in upper right corner) .

Movies, episodes, stories, websites, your own sites, even pay sites, special sales, etc. – be as descriptive as you like. Be sure to include the URL or Network.

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21 thoughts on “Group Sharing Continues for 12-11-21 (See Special Announcement on June 6)

  1. Last week I posted The Belle Starr Story with George Eastman torture. Well yesterday a real HD copy appeared. You can actually see his pit hair… very light but not shaven !! Action at 123:14

    PS the URL looks weird. If you want the title…. Mein Korper fur ein Pokerspiel

  2. One of my all time favorite action movie actors. Turk Cuneyt Arkin is handsome with perfect body and never shaves his lush pits. This is early movie with interesting story line. His father gets the lash at 5:22. Then his son, Arkin gets the lash from the father at 113:02!! Pits look good.

    Title is Silahli Pasazade

  3. Very young and very fit body with lots of action shirtless. Editing is so bizarre … oh well. Action at 51:47 and 58 and 102 and 124 and 126:20 (in chains and Lush Pits !!).

  4. In many of his movies he feels the lash. In this one he feels the lash from front and back (but shirt is on) Action at 112:00

  5. Guess what ? Mr. Arkin gets whipped (shirt on). Wondering if he has input with writers and directors to include torture and whip scenes. But his friends get lashed before him. One of them looks like the torturer in last weeks movie Jan Hus!! That action is at 106:00 and Arkin is 119:45 and 121:30.

    • Lashley man I loved this one! Thanks!
      Yeah and the chest of last weeks torturer lookalike used as a canvas for some hot iron art is a highlight indeed!

  6. Very good…. you all guessed correctly he gets whipped in this film. Also gets a stretch on the rack.
    This is a nice HD restoration, however very heavily edited from the original, which is not on You Tube any more. Longer whip scene as well as the rack. Action at 48:50 and 50:09

  7. He is older but still very good action movie dude. Gets in a fight and then chained up. Then lots of gut and face punching. Only missing the whipping ….. Hold on ., strapped to a spinning wheel and gets whipped with a heavy chain. Action at 110:00

  8. One more for today. He did many of these period pieces and many included torture scenes.
    This one starts with heavy chains and a stoning at 10:00. He gets sold into slavery and at 18:15 he is chained in the galley and OF COURSE…. Gets lashed

  9. Watch Stud Sebastian Rulli getting BBQd on Netflix
    Él Dragon – Return of a Warrior – Season 1 episode 11

    7:50 he’s tied up to a grill and some nice electro therapy starts.
    Wish his pants at least were off, but OK…
    11:50 more voltage is applied
    14:20 switch to water treatment

    I would like some body hair, but this is good enough.
    Quite enjoyable.

  10. Mr. Arkin a little bit older but still great shape. He is a masked hero and rescues his friends at 47:11. His turn for some burning comes at 113. Note the nice body and lush pits !!

  11. Another in the Kara Murat series. Group torture at 25:00 …. Another Group torture at 50:50. Mr Arkin has his turn with pain at 58.

  12. Another in the Kara Murat series (Fatih’in Fedaisi). Group torture at 8:38 and again 59:15. Mr. Arkin enjoys his branding at 43:00

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