Group Sharing Continues for 6-19-21 (See Special Announcement on June 6)

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40 thoughts on “Group Sharing Continues for 6-19-21 (See Special Announcement on June 6)

    • I remember watching this movie years ago. Actor Rajendra Kumar’s (the flogged hero) career was already in decline by then but this film was a surprise success. He was already in his 40s at that time when most of his contemporaries had switched to fatherly roles or simply retired. But here he’s a swashbuckling hero who feels the sting of the villain’s lash without his shirt on! That’s a big step for a veteran Bollywood actor!

  1. Hey guys, I started a new blog inspired by the bunker

    The blog aims to collect and index recent scenes of male bondage and torture from mainstream media from the Philippines. Each post have screenshots, short description, and video links. I also plan to upload more content every day!

    • Good job. Thanks so much for including descriptions and links for every post. Magpopost ka rin ba ng old movies/tv shows? Marami din kasi mula sa 80s-90s.

    • Greetings Anon!

      It’s great to hear about your new site. Filipino hero-in-distress videos are some of the best ever filmed. I look forward to seeing what you will present.
      My favorite so far are the scenes of Vin Abrenica in the series, Wallflower. I hope you are able to present more of him. SO HOT!!.

      Incidentally, Filipino comicbook artists are also considered some of the very finest in the industry.

      Thank you!

    • Oh yes Flint McCullough suffers beautifully. This whipping scene is new to me though. But I remember an episode where he was taken prisoner and strung up until his feet were inches off the ground to be interrogated. His entire torso, including his furry pecs and matted pits were all slick with sweat as he struggled under his own weight! What a sight!

      • Oh yeah … I have that on DVD and watched it many times. Can’t find it on Youtube

      • There is another episode when he is staked to the ground shirtless and left to die under a very hot sun. Some nice closeups of his very drenched chest and pits.

    • Omg thank you so much! Such a titillating scene…I wonder if the actor ever suspected any homoerotic elements in the torture scenes he had to be filmed in…

    • No I don’t. This is my first time seeing this. Pretty hot scene, by the way. But nothing beats Richard Harris in The Kid Called Horse, in my opinion

  2. If I recall correctly, Hercules and the amazon women was one of my earliest mainstream bondage encounters – even though there were no men interogating hercules … well i spose it was more gloating and humiliation, but regardless at the time i found it pretty hot.

    Sorry for the subtitles this was the only respectable website link I could find. about 37min in.

    • on a side note there’s another episode I thought was rather hot at the time. No bondage but some guards ripping his shirt off at the behest of … hmm I want to say prison wardens wife. Sadly they did not show the whipping scene, blasted flashbacks got in the way but if you watch long enough he walking to the cell with bloody marks on his back. Still someone may find it entertaing

      s1 ep10 of hercules the legendary journeys – around 27 min in.

      • Too bad the whipping wasn’t shown…sigh…Kevin Sorbo would’ve made a fine sight strung up and vulnerable to the sting of the lash but I suppose the director did not want Hercules to appear weak or subdued in any way. thank you for sharing this though. It was quite a turn on watching Hercules get stripped for the predatory gaze of his female captor

  3. another movie I found a bit later on in life while older then hercules was tarzans fight for life. Like hercules a bit tame since no real torture but i can’t say no to a pretty hot guy in bondage 😉

    Best link I could find was tarzans fight for life the others were riddled with pop ups and probably malware. This one seems cleanish.

    • Sorry forgot to mention its about 1hour 13 min in. Oh and if it doesn’t look like its loading just give it a minute. On my device there’s a small delay before it actually plays, so you might have the same problem

    • Wow this Tarzan stuff is so hot. And the lion gets to play, if not with the King of the Jungle himself, with another shirtless guy, which is good enough for me. Aweseome, THANKS for the contributions!

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