Group Sharing Continues for 6-12-21 – (See Special Announcement on June 6)

Hi Guys,

An experiment to see if we can help each other expand our enjoyment of the Net and TV!

If you see something you think others on this site might like, please share it in the Comments to this weekly Saturday post (click thought bubble in upper right corner) .

Movies, episodes, stories, websites, your own sites, even pay sites, special sales, etc. – be as descriptive as you like. Be sure to include the URL or Network.

Sharing the fantasy,




32 thoughts on “Group Sharing Continues for 6-12-21 – (See Special Announcement on June 6)

    • It would work just like the videos. You wouldn’t submit the actual story here (too much text for the comment area), but give us the URL to a page on the Net where the story exists. Just be sure you aren’t offending anyone’s copyright privileges. On the other hand, a lot of sites would welcome the traffic.

      Thanks for thinking outside of the box, David!


  1. Nice idea Beedrill! Let’s share the films that led us down this path. As a child of the 80’s mine is a classic:

  2. Johhny Weissmuller wrestilng with naked sharp-fanged lions Started making me horny at a very very young age… before I even knew what hormy meant LOL

    To this day, muscled heroes vs beasts is still a huge turn-on

  3. 1937 Souls at Sea has Young Gary Cooper and George Raft suspended from the high sails.
    Action starts at 15:05

  4. Old period costume film from Malaysia, featuring a whipping scene at the end where the hero suffers so beautifully. Too bad his lady love is flogged next to him, otherwise it would’ve been so hot. It starts at 1.28.28 and ends in about a minute or two, but do stay around until 1.31.31 to see stripes on the hero’s back

  5. Another old period costume film from Malaysia, with a torture scene that leads to the climax, from 1.36.40 to 1.38.40. The hero in this one is pretty scrawny by Hollywood standards, but he makes such orgasmic noises when he feels the sting of the lash.

  6. European period piece. Chest whip on young thin peasant. Action starts 54:56 to 56:10. Got to love the grunts !!

    • Love those old movie whipping and torture scenes! Often erotic, only slight less often homoerotic, and usually well lit, unlike more recent scenes.

  7. Malaysian man having a bad morning. Gets beating from 3 men then tied up for a prolonged caning (many guys take their turn). Action starts 12:00 thru 16:30. Gets rescued at 20:06 and the marks are now tended to.

    • This has to be one of the most unintentionally erotic scenes in Malaysian cinema! The hero suffers so beautifully and his captors have an epic level of sadism rarely seen in Malaysian film! Thank you for posting!

  8. Just found an old favorite that is back on Youtube. Javier Solis opens the movie getting whipped. Action starts right after credits 2:16.

    • Yes this is a memorable one. Definitely longer than the average whipping scene and the actor expresses pain so well.

    • I remember watching the whipping scene on youtube way back in 2007/8 in cringeworthy low-def quality. How that I get to see a clearer version, I couldn’t help but worship those lush pits of his. Such a gorgeous punk. A shame he gets killed afterwards. JP Mullarkey (the actor who played the punk) deserves more recognition for looking so sexy

  9. I remember watching the whipping scene on youtube way back in 2007/8 in cringeworthy low-def quality. Now that I get to see a clearer version, I couldn’t help but worship those lush pits of his. Such a gorgeous punk. A shame he gets killed afterwards. JP Mullarkey (the actor who played the punk) deserves more recognition for looking so sexy

  10. Been following the bunker for so long as I remember, but never found the courage to contribute anything, not even a comment. And now that it’s saying goodbye. I feel compelled to say how much I appreciate it. Let me share a story:

    I used to think I was mental, or even a psychopath, when I was kid when I started having demented dreams about hurting good looking men. I was so scared that I would grow up to be a serial killer. I never had anyone to talk to about this. I’m afraid they would just lock me up in an asylum like some batman villain.

    I resorted to drawing my fantasy in a notebook. I spent hours learning the male anatomy by copying covers of Men’s Health using crayons at the age of 9. My parents were so proud of my work and devoted their time encouraging their young gifted artist. They said Da Vinci

    But it did not last long. When I was 10 my mom found a notebook of my rather unique drawings stashed under my bed. If I recall correctly, I drew a diagram of different ways how to ‘affix’ a man on a cross.

    My family is religious, so they thought it was some form of devil worship. They burnt my notebook. They confiscated my art supplies and forbade me to draw anything unless its something required in school like a tree or a flower. They had me on close watch and they started monitoring what I do all the time.

    My anxiety worsen as I fear anytime my parents would call a priest and they would take me and lock me up in a convent to reform. I think that started my insomnia. That I even started to despise sleeping in fear of having those dreams again. I never thought that these things could be explained by science and that thing called puberty. I always believed my parents that these thoughts are brought by the devil and I should not allow these thoughts to prevail and take over me.

    It wasn’t until I was in high school around 16 that we had sex education classes and I learnt more about what a sexual fantasy is. During that time I learnt how to use the internet and upon further research I stumbled upon the bunker. If I recall correctly it was still on Yahoo Group back then. It was an eye-opener when I learnt that I wasn’t the only one who have these kind thoughts. And that its not about hurting or killing another human being, but rather a fantasy out of lust; a rather specific kind of kink that some people possess. I wasn’t alone.

    Although even after learning about this for quite a while, I still haven’t talked to anyone about this. All these years in my life, I stayed silent. I gave up art and drawing altogether and was rather content in looking at other people’s work. Every now and then I still try so hard to pretend that I don’t get aroused whenever a movie or a tv show has these kind of scenes.

    This is the first time I actually talked about this. Albeit still anonymously.

    Thank you for all the years of keeping the bunker alive. More power to you, aquadude, and your future endeavors.

    • I’m one of the many you mention have to keep this stuff undercover, like you.
      So we’re together in it!

      In my case I get away with it because many other ‘legit’ things turn me on as well…

  11. Does anybody know which film or tv series is this from? The title of the video is Silk, but the closest match I can get based on that is the 2 films about a Honolulu policewoman made in the late 1980s. I gave both films a watch but this scene is nowhere to be found in either of them. Your assistance is much appreciated.

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