Group Sharing for 6-5-21

Hi Guys,

An experiment to see if we can help each other expand our enjoyment of the Net and TV!

If you see something you think others on this site might like, please share it in the Comments to this weekly Saturday post (click balloon in upper right corner) .

Movies, episodes, stories, websites, your own sites, even pay sites, special sales, etc. – be as descriptive as you like. Be sure to include the URL or Network.

Sharing the fantasy,


11 thoughts on “Group Sharing for 6-5-21

  1. Mexican soap-opera star Gabriel Soto as a captive muscle angel in this weird movie. Scenes at 1:00:02, 1:09:53, 1:21:17.

  2. Fabio Testi (OMG). Movie starts with him shirtless breaking rock in prison!! At 1:03 gets group beating, then suspended and beaten. While enduring he has flashback to prison and remembers his whipping.

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