“Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

Chapter 38

Over the Top

I completely lost track of time.  My whole universe was an ocean of intense pain, screaming my guts out, struggling against leather straps, pissing myself, and drooling like a baby from the gag in my mouth.  There were brief moments of rest when the electricity was either turned off or applied as a tingle.  I knew the rests were limited and hopelessness washed over me as I waited full of dread for the next cycle of torture.  Sir continued to sit His wine and leer at me.  I was coated in sweat by now, rivulets running down my face from my hair, mixing with drool from my mouth as it dripped onto my chest.  My legs dripped sweat onto the floor. 

During one of the brief rests Sir said to me:  “You are making fabulous video!  OMG, we’re going to make thousands off this scene alone!  Thank you, dickie-boy, for screaming so loudly!  Ha!”  Then the program kicked in again and I was stunned by the force of the assault. 

Elector-torture is unique.  It’s scary, for one thing, because it’s your cock and balls under attack.  But the higher levels, I mean, not the tingle, are so strong and hit you so hard it’s like a tank is crushing you.  You can’t imagine the shear force smashing into your body.  When set on a constant zap, it’s so different from a whipping or a caning.  There is no drop from the peak of pain; you are held there for as long as the program is set.  Could be ten seconds, could be a whole minute or more.  You just don’t know when it will drop.  When the program is delivering pulses, you twitch and jump in the bondage like a drunken puppet.  You can’t help yourself.  All your muscles simply flex as tightly as they can and then cramp, adding to the torment. 

I did think the program was getting more vicious as the time went on.  The peaks were higher, the pain was even more intense, and you screamed even louder than before.  Then it stopped.

I looked over at Sir and was astonished to see His big body slumped back against the chair, his head way back, motionless.  The wine glass had slipped to the floor and shattered.  Did He pass out?  Who in the fuck would be monitoring me now?!  How bad would the electro get?! 

It was terrifying to realize that my torture was now totally on auto-pilot, controlled by a mindless computer program that would keep increasing the shock levels, slowly but unstoppably, to higher and higher levels.  How much abuse could my body take?!

I guess it was another hour, who knows?  The electricity shocks did get stronger and I thought I was going to die right there in that electric chair.  My mind was getting fuzzy, my attention dissolving.  I was drifting out of this world, still screaming my freakin’ guts out.  Then I did pass out. 

Blackness.  Silence.  No pain.

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2 thoughts on ““Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

  1. One of my horrors is the thought of being in extreme bondage and something happening to the Top. Last time I was sealed into a sack, gagged and hooded I remember thinking, “Please God, just don’t have an accident while I’m here. We’ll both die!” Rationality just has nothing to do with it. He left me a while and may have intended it as part of the torture. Least we know Dickie survives.

  2. I would LOVE to see a nice graphic illustration of one of these scenes.
    I’m a horrible drawer myself, but curious to see what picture other readers might have in their heads

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