The Three Hundred and Twenty Fourth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

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Sgt. Colt Cipriano hung sweating in the brick cell; alone, now, for well over twenty-four hours…seemed like a fucking eternity. His lean, hairy body twisted in the still air, self-consciously naked at his captor’s laughing whim. Colt felt the short hairs prickle with humiliated discomfort along the muscular ridges of chest and hard abdominals, dark patch of wiry pubes, and even the silky tuft at the base of his dangling balls. Wishing that at least one of his buddies was there- despite the shame of being strung up nude- to somehow talk past the gathering fear…but the ragheads knew all about that sort of thing and that’s why, after the initial cat-calls, guttural grunts of obvious admiration and rough, assessing caresses of the young soldier’s hard physique, he was left alone to twist in the thick air…to think about things, to wonder in the hammering silence, over and over again, what are they gonna do to me?


6 thoughts on “The Three Hundred and Twenty Fourth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

  1. Gott in Himmel, Amalaric! How do you do it?! In one paragraph with one drop-dead gorgeous picture, you capture a precise phase in a torture sequence: anticipation, all the sensations and emotions surround it. It’s coming, the vic knows it, and there’s nothing that can be done to escape his fate. But you do it with so few words! It would take me three chapters to get across what you can do in one, terse, specific paragraph. Kudos, Sir! You’re One of the Best.
    steve mchalperin

  2. Very hot. I agree with Steve M.
    Anticipation and uncertainty

    That tight body and terse skin immediately made me think of Erik the Rebel…

  3. Sir Amalaric: may I use this picture to write a longer story around it? The pic is so powerful and I have already lauded your terse writing. My style is longer with more detail. I like to hear the chains clink and the leather straps creak. So, Sir, with your permission . . .
    steve mchalperin

  4. Don Amalaric, ¿piensa seguir con sus mil u una noches¿
    ¿Dónde, aquí o en otra web?
    Gracias, mi Rey Godo

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