“Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

Chapter 37

Real Electro-CBT

Sir stood in front of me and leered:  “This is our electric chair, boy, one of the most powerful tools I have  to train you.  Terry-boy here can attest to its power.  He spent many hours strapped in like you while I slowly changed his mind about serving me.  He broke in the end; they all do.  Soon you will be a willing slave just like he is.”

“So, let me enlighten you on this control box,” He said booting up the laptop.  The computer has a sophisticated program and will control all the relays in the interface.  There is a wide variety of pain programs in the computer, enough to keep you engaged for many hours.  The programs control the particular electrodes to be activated, the voltage, amperage, even the wave shape.  It can do agonizing pulses that will force your body to twitch, slowly rising steady shocks to a predetermined peak, and there’s even one that is voice actuated so the more you scream, the stronger the shocks will be.  Isn’t that just so clever?  I will hook up the cables to sensitive parts of your body and then we will show you what real pain is all about.  The control is simple:  I pick the program, step back, press ‘enter,’ and just watch you suffer.  The laptop screen will show which electrodes are active and what the shape and level of the shock is.  I will sip red wine and listen to your screams.  I might adjust the program depending on how loud you yell.  Ha!  Isn’t that an excellent way to train young men!”

I didn’t answer.  It didn’t matter.  My fate was set.  I was going to get electro-CBT, maybe the worst torture this side of castration.  Maybe my balls would get fried and it would be castration. 

Sir began to attach the cables to my body.  The first set went on my hurtin’ nipples.  There were alligator clips at the ends which he clamped on after rubbing some gel on my pecs.  The metal teeth of the jaws dug into my tenderized flesh and I grunted from the pain.  Then a large clip went on my navel.  He inserted a three-inch metal rod into my cock, pushing it all the way in.  Only the cable stuck out.  A black loop was put round the base of my cockhead and tightened up.  A cable was plugged into a connector under the chair’s seat.  I guess this connected up with the dildo electrode currently filling my lower gut.

“And now a surprise for your balls!” Sir announced with lustful glee.  He picked up a metal cylinder maybe four inches long by three inches wide.  The bottom had a cable attached to it.  The top was attached to the cylinder by two snaps.  Sir unsnapped the top and pushed my ball sack into the cylinder.  Then he reseated the cap and snapped it shut.  There was a slot in the side of the cap for my stretched out sack skin to go through. 

“This little gem is another product of our marvelous engineering department.  In the bottom is a small but powerful motor connected to a metal piston.  When activated, the piston is driven up the cylinder, trapping your balls against the top which I just snapped on.  The computer controls the crush strength and when it is applied.  It can also send electricity to the cylinder.  It will hurt a lot!” He leered. 

“Sir, Sir,” I started to plead.  “Sir, please don’t do this, Sir!  I’ll be a good slave, I promise, Sir!”

“Oh, I know you will,” Sir answered.  “This will guarantee it.  Terry-boy, get me the black rubber ball gag.”

“Sir, yes, Sir,” Terry replied getting the gag from the equipment wall.  Sir forced the large ball into my mouth and buckled off the strap at the side of my head.  Now all my pleading would be garbled.  Only my screams would be heard.  My stomach was now frozen ice with fear.  I knew the pain from the remote zapper, but all the new stuff He had attached to me, I couldn’t imagine the pain.  I only knew it would be agony and I was strapped in so tight I couldn’t move an inch.  Then again, you don’t need to move much in torture, only your lower jaw as you scream.  A ball gag still lets you scream. 

“Go upstairs, terry-boy,” Sir commanded.  “Work on that new project while I start dickie-boy’s training.”

“Sir, yes, Sir,” Terry replied as he turned to go up from the dungeon.  He gave me a sad look as he went up the stairs, his thick thigh muscles flexing at each step. 

Sir busied Himself with the computer, tapping in various commands.  ‘Everything we did before this was a test, boy,” He said.  “I needed to see how you reacted to pain and sexual abuse.  You passed all the tests, and I was eager to begin your real training.  You show great promise, let Me tell you, but I need a total commitment and that can only come from breaking your willfulness.  I don’t want to break your manly spirit.  You can see that my terry-boy still has a good personality, but I need to change your thinking.  Your every thought must be about Me.  Your every action directed by what I want.  Soon you will want only what I want.  That’s the purpose of the training.  You’ll certainly survive, but you’ll come out the other end a total slave to Me.  And that will make Me very happy!”

“But enough philosophy.  Let’s get down to the task at hand!”  He made a final entry on the keyboard and pressed ‘enter.”  The program He had selected immediately went to work.

All the electrodes were producing a tingling sensation, not unpleasant by any stretch.  The piston on my nut crept up until it was snug against them, pressing them against the metal top of the cylinder  There was a tingling there, too.  That didn’t last long.  There was an abrupt jump in the shock going to my nipples and I groaned from the sudden escalation in pain.  Then my navel, then my cock.  This hurt! 

Then the program backed off to the tingle level.  Just as I started to enjoy it, the electricity went back to genuine pain.  My cock reacted according to its wiring and started to get hard.  At last, I thought, my dick can get a hardon!  No cock cage!  Yeah!  The pain was real, but so was the pleasure from my boner. 

I was surprised when the voltage profile shocking my dick started to come in waves, rather pleasant waves.  Oh man, I was temporarily lost in the pleasure of my dick, and even felt like I could actually have a cum if this continued.  It did!  Although the other electrodes alternated between tingle and pain, the juice to my dick was absolutely wonderful.  I could feel myself cruising along the sex interstate.  I was doing eighty miles an hour and seconds away from a fantastic climax, having been denied a boner and a cum for so many days.  Then it happened.

The voltage shot up through all the cables and the ball piston brutally closed down on my nuts.  I screamed like a wildman.  I have never felt pain like this!  My whole body spazzed, every muscle flexed and pulling hard against the straps.  Lost in the overwhelming pain was the frustration of being denied a delicious cum at the very last minute.  I could hear myself:  “A-a-gh!  A-a-h!  A-a-a-a-a-g-g-h!” filled the dungeon. 

Then everything just stopped.  No electricity anywhere.  The piston backed off a few millimeters, removing the crushing force on my poor nuts.  Everything was quiet, except for my residual groans and heavy breathing.  I finally opened my eyes, stinging with sweat, and there was Sir, sitting on a folding chair directly in front of me, sipping wine and smiling lustily. 

He nodded a few times.  “That’s what real training feels like, boy.  And you’re going to get even more over the next few hours.”

Hours?!  I froze at the thought.  How could I take this for hours?  I’d go nuts!  But that’s what He said.  I knew my rest wouldn’t last long when I felt the tingle return to all the key spots on my body.      

NEXT: Ch 38, Over the Top


5 thoughts on ““Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

  1. Steve,

    These chapters are simply superb. It’s like you’ve brought us all right into the Dungeon and are making us witness every detail of what is happening to poor Dickey-boy, as it is actually unfolding. Every detail! Your descriptive powers are just incredible. I wanted to say “over the top,” but I see that’s the title of your next chapter! Yikes!!

    Thank you, Steve! You are a true artist.


    • Thank You, Sir! It’s always a pleasure to post stuff on Your site. I must say that I do enjoy writing these chapters, but there’s also the hope that others will enjoy them also. Thanks for running Your site all these years. It’s been a romp.

      • Thanks Steve. You’re bringing in stuff that I don’t think I’d find elsewhere… again, the detail in the descriptions have made me go from very horny to almost not being able to take it anymore myself, and make a pause in my reading. And I agree with AqD, just when one thinks it’s over the top already, a chapter called over the top is announced… oh boy.

        Cheers to great work

  2. I noticed in the last chapter’s comments you said you could vouch for the tortures you describe. That really brings it to life, I can read your descriptions and understand completely, especially the electro. I’ve not experienced pain quite like that gives you. Once the sound is inserted up your cock and the power is turned on the bondage better be the best or it’ll fail with the intense muscle spasms. I remember once having that torture and simply breaking a rope knot and accidentally kicking my Master. Oh god! That didn’t go well. I lived however.

  3. Thanks, all, for your comments. Your comment about accidentally kicking the Master is wonderful. I can’t imagine His rage at that insult. I had to teach my former Master some bondage niceties. He thrived on the vic’s pain (and so did I, of course) but I told Him the only way this was going to work for me was with good bondage. He was a quick learner and We/we progressed nicely to “no safe word,” which I enjoyed immensely because it amped up the fear component. “There’s no way out, dickie-boy!” The concept of a “safe fear” is quite interesting to those of us who need it. The lust keeps you coming back; the fear turns your stomach to ice. And the GD CD keeps anything from happening. What a combination!
    Again, gents, thanks.

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