“Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

Chapter  36

Testing One, Two

I hung in the frame for several hours.  I was in a daze of sexual confusion and nipple pain.  The confusion was the melding of two opposite forces:  very nice waves of sexual arousal from the vibrator and spikes of intense cock pain from the metal screw points.  And this was against an odd confusion from my chest:  the vacuum hurt like hell, but the pressure on my nips was also sort of sexy, like there was a set of nerves from my nips to my cock.  At the time I didn’t fully understand it, but later on in my servitude to Sir I realized it was the melding of pleasure and pain into pleasure/pain, the hallmark craving of a true slave.  And only Sir could meet that craving with His whip, disciplines, tortures, and sexual abuse. 

Well, Sir did finally return to the dungeon.  He was carrying the dreaded remote zapper and I realized it was time.  He had promised to attach it and here it was. 

He grinned as he wordlessly attached the remote receiver to the underside of my new cock cage.  It easily screwed on.  Then He shoved the large metal ball into my asshole.  I grunted at the invasion.  The ball was attached to a metal arm which slid into the receiver box.  Sir pulled in on the arm, stretching my asshole muscle and then secured the arm to the box in that position.  There was a constant tug on the ball up my ass due to the shortness of the arm.  Of course, that was the least terrifying aspect of the device.  I was dreading a test run.  Sir confirmed my dread.

“Let’s make sure the device is attached correctly, shall we?” He asked, pulling the remote controller out of his chaps pocket.  You’re nice and sweaty now and your muscles are all pumped and shiny, so the video of the test should be excellent.”  He held up the remote and make a show out of pressing the activation button. 

I screamed as the electric current shot through my cock cage and ass.  Even on the lowest setting, the damned thing was agony!  I pulled wildly against the chains holding me spread eagled and just screamed my freakin’ head off until he released the button.  This left me panting heavily for air and hanging like a dishrag from the chains on my wrists.  If I ever had the chance, I vowed to take a hammer to the shocking device and melt the remote controller in a small fire.  

Sir let me hang there a few minutes until Terry showed up.  Sweat was running down my body like crazy. 

“Good, I’m satisfied the remote works and the new cock cage fits well.  But it’s time to move on to your first real lesson in pain.  Yes, yes, I know you’ve been gut punched and whipped, but these are not enough to enforce the level of servitude I require.  I need to take the cock cage off, so I have access to your, or should I say, my slave’s junk.  Don’t worry, I’ll put it back on later.  We can’t have that big cock of yours running around wild around the countryside.” 

Then Sir addressed his #1 slave:  “Be so good, terry-boy, as to uncuff him from the frame after I remove the cock cage, vibrator, and the pec vacs.  Help him stand up if he needs it.  Take him over to the big chair.  I’ll strap him in,” Sir ordered His #1 slave.

“Sir, yes, Sir,” Terry replied as required.  Sir released the vacuum and pulled the cylinders off my chest and unstrapped the vibrator that had tormented me so much.  He backed out all the metal screw points, unlocked the new cock cage, and unshipped my dick from the confinement tube.  Again I felt the cooling effect on my crotch.  I looked down and saw the red imprints from the screw points.  Yikes!  It looked like my dick had the measles.  But, there was no bleeding.  My balls still ached from the stretch out to the sides of the cage. 

Then Terry uncuffed my ankles and my wrists, supporting me when I started to sag.  It did feel good to have his muscular body so close to mine, but I was not in the mood to further enjoy it.  My dick was still being assaulted by a dozen screw points and my pecs ached.   

Terry moved me in the direction of a large, wooden chair bolted to the floor in one corner of the dungeon.  The thing was bristling with thick straps like a prison electric chair.  That actually proved to be a good name for it. 

He helped me sit down in the chair, but first he had to position my ass directly over a large plastic dildo screwed to the wooden seat.  The end of the dildo was metallic.  It was already slippery with lube and I grunted and winced as I slowly lowered myself onto the seat, pushing the dildo up my ass.  It was a rough entry; the thing was long and wide.   

Sir began the elaborate process of strapping me in.  He started with one across my lower abs, just above my new cock cage.  Then He worked on my arms.  Straps were wound around my wrist and then buckled to the wood; it would be impossible to pull free of them.  Another set went on my forearms just below my elbows.  Yet a third set went across my upper arms, pulling in tightly on my biceps and triceps.  A similar set of multiple belts secured my legs to the heavy legs of the chair, pulling my knees far apart and putting my cock caged dick directly in harm’s way.  A belt across my waist was pulled in very tight, pushing my chest out.  Two belts went across my chest, one above and one below my hurtin’ nipples.  The straps bunched up my pec muscles.

I thought that was it, but a thick belt went across my slave collar and yet one more belt went across my forehead.  Once that one was tightened and buckled off I couldn’t move my head an inch.  I was as close to being immobilized as you can get in a chair.  So, why the elaborate bondage?  What was Sir going to do now to torture me?

The answer was simple when Terry pushed over a cart with a big black box on the top shelf:  more electricity.  There was also a laptop computer.  The bottom shelf had a bunch of color-coded cables and Terry began to sort them out in pairs.  There were large metal clips at the outboard ends of the cables.  All the cables led to jacks in the right side of the box.  Terry plugged a power cord into a wall outlet and the box came to life:  Two dials lit up and a red power-on light gleamed at the top.  There was a series of switches along the bottom and a large knob surrounded by numbers going from 1 to 10.  OK, classic electro-torture.

I started to sweat again.  The belts were so tight I couldn’t even squirm to relieve my dread.  Sir simply smiled at me.  There was a lusty look in His eyes.  He was really going to enjoy this. 

NEXT: Ch 37, Real Electro-CBT


3 thoughts on ““Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

  1. Wow man. This is an enjoyable story—however my mind bounces through the thought of how realistic it is… Could anyone withstand the nonstop torture Dickieboy is taking.
    Good stuff though, descriptions in first person are nice.

  2. Thanks for your commend, sir. Interesting question. Although the whole endeavor is fiction/fantasy, I think a 20-yer old lad in good shape could do it. He is being disciplined into slavery. He is not a doe-eyed twink in a pretend scenario. But, you do raise a good question.
    As to the tortures themselves, I am familiar with many of them and can vouch for the write-up, both physically and psychologically.
    I agree that first person narratives bring the reader in closer to the action.

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