The Three Hundred and Twenty First of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

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He was an Iberian Barcid, and a member of the royal house, with the rich blood of Carthage running through his veins; pedigreed for nearly a millennium. For all of that, the catastrophic aftermath of the Second Punic War robbed him of his heritage and the pedigree became a curse.

The handsome young Barcid fetched an astronomical sum when brought to market; the combined pack animal, high-end status symbol…and…plaything of the obscenely rich patrician able to afford the asking price. His anger smoldered like banked coals- remembering all that he had been, recollecting what he had become- and the blood of squealing Romans filled his dreams at night. His new master guessed it all and approved; a true connoisseur, he appreciated the challenge of training such a spirited young buck.


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