Bonus Art for “Erik the Rebel” – from Afterdark

Dear All,

Finally, the Duke and his friend rip off those torn breeches from Erik!

And, finally, I step further on my learning curve to full nudity.


[Click image to enlarge.]


11 thoughts on “Bonus Art for “Erik the Rebel” – from Afterdark

  1. Finally, those torturers were really stupid not to use such a beautiful piece of meat and milk him over and over.

  2. Afterdark,

    Setting aside the story, there is no way I would call this set of “nude scenes”, porn. This is superb art.

    Contrasting the color with the black-&-white, emphasizes the play of light as it caresses the beauty of the male form. And the final scene where you shade the underside of the penis, is absolutely stunning.

    Thank you for sharing this with all of us, Afterdark. You are the consummate artist.


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