Real Chained Heroes: The Beginning – by Commander

The rebirth of Chained Heroes as Real Chained Heroes officially took place on July 1st, 2020.

The first video was Mercenary Nick “Interrogation”, made in 4 parts, with the awesome model Robert (aka Beast) from Germany. In spite of Covid restrictions (and bending the rules just a little bit) the shoot was successful, even if some technical problems occurred. Robert did a great job! He was in super shape and took the pain like a man, as the videos prove. He will be back this year, in two sequels: one of those will be an outdoors production: Nick is put to backbreaking hard labor and corporal punishments in Mercneray Nick 3 “Quarry”.

Covid really slowed things down considerably. Shooting a video in Germany became no longer feasable. Also – to my surprise and frustration – finding good manly, muscled and mentally tough male models for the project turned out to be a real problem. Where are the  goodlooking tough guys who are ready to make some money by taking pain and proving their manliness, I wondered?

So I decided to change strategy. I came into contact with Algeria (North-Africa) based Amin, handsome fitness-instructor and MMA fighter, who was ready to do gutpunching videos. I persuaded him to take it a step further, because I really liked him for RCH. Of course, he could not travel to me, nor I to him. So I took a gamble and produced a video with him and his friends “long distance”. This involved long and precise preparations, and I was able to support the shooting by being stand-by online! This way two videos were produced (in multiple parts): Pain Game Algeria and Mission Betrayed, as well as the sequel Mission Betrayed 2 “Revenge of the Warlord”.

This “long distance” procedure proved to be successful. It involved many hours of preparation on my part and long online conversations, to build trust and make sure the guys over there understood what I wanted. But it worked, so I applied the same procedure to a video made in Ukraine: Pain Game Ukraine. This video benefited a great deal from that fact that I had managed to contact Alex, who had been a Ruscapturedboys model (“Strength Gymnast Anton”): Alex is a great guy with stunning body and looks! By happy coincidence he knew another Ukraine-based guy, whom I had found on Instagram: “looker” Simon.

A third time this procedure worked in producing Moonjur the thief, this time made in Bangladesh! This 30-minutes video will have a sequel soon.

Thanks to the support of patrons and even with the help of an investor (!) the financial means became available to start the project and invest in productions. Also a lot of costs were involved in the manifold necessary steps preparing for production to start in the first place. I want to mention that one patron in particular, a real enthousiast and lover of the “hero-in-distress” theme from India, became a good personal friend. His unwavering support and deep understanding of what RCH is aiming to achieve has been an enormously important factor in these first months. Dear Kamal, I am deeply grateful!

What are the plans for the next stage?

First: RCH will make videos in two different length-categories. The new format will be 30-Minutes videos in the series His Pain Your Pleasure. This format allows RCH to produce more titles and work test-wise with new guys who are far away and can not travel to Germany. Of course, the multiple-part larger scale productions will also be made.

Second: it is my intention to produce more videos in the classic Chained Heroes style. This means those will have to be produced here in Germany, because models can not travel and neither can I as long as Covid keeps slowing things down. I hope and expect that this summer things will return to normal sufficiently to do this.

So, what titles are planned? Here is what is being pre-produced for 2021 (Spring-Summer)

  • Mercenary Nick 2 “Prison Hell” and Mercenary Nick 3 “Quarry” with model Robert (and some hot extra guys), depecting Nick’s ordeal in The Baron’s prison torture room and his sufferings in the quarry (corporal punishment, forced fight)
  • a remake of Mission Betrayed because that video is too short: model Amin (Hunter) has so much more potential, so we will make Mission Betrayed 1 “Torture” in 3 parts, with the tortures of the original, but now longer, more intense and more cruel
  • Mission Betrayed 3 “Comrades”, a sequel involving the capture of Hunter’s comrade-in-arms and Hunter surrendering to the sadist Warlord to save his friend from further brutal torture (beatings, whipping, electro-torture, crucifixion)
  • Moonjur the thief 2, about how the overseer wants to make Moonjur tell where he hid stolen goods (corporal punishment, torture)
  • Spartacus’ Punishment, the story of Spartacus’ horrendous fate at the hands of the cruel, sadist Roman magistrate Crassus (brutal and long cruel tortures, the original Roman crucifixion – without nails – with the brutal whipping with the horrible flagrum-whip before the actual crucifixion)

Besides I keep hunting for hot models, and sometimes there are unexpected finds. But these young guys nowadays are often a long time on the fence and many times decide against making an RCH video at the last moment. But from time to time I “catch” one, so be ready for some surprise “heroes-in-distress”!

Let me close by thanking Aquadude to allow me to post about RCH here.

I invite you all to keep looking for RCH videos (on, on and on and enjoy watching handsome young muscled guys taking pain and proving their courage, stamina and showing their great bodies.

I also invite those who would like to support RCH to become patron (2 years free access to the videos) or even consider investing, sponsoring or otherwise funding. I will keep going, no doubt about that, but extra financial support speeds things up and will allow RCH to produce more and even better stuff.

Also, by the way, I am looking for a temporary webmaster to update and do some maintenance work on the site (which is wordpress-based). Would any of you be interested to help out?

Finally I add some photos from over the past months. There are stills and a few behind-the-scenes shots from the RCH-guys, for your enjoyment!


Contact me for info: or


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9 thoughts on “Real Chained Heroes: The Beginning – by Commander

  1. Looking forward for your next project! I’ve bought several of your videos, that’s the least I can do for you, your amazing models, and teams out there.

    Hopefully Covid will be no longer a problem soon with this vaccines and health protocol.

    I really like Amin in Betrayed, and I really love your early indoor video with vivid light + fixed camera on your early series. Hopefully you could remake on that style.
    I don’t mind with cinematic angle, but sometimes it was too shacky and if the angle wasn’t right, it doesn’t do justice with the models body.

    Can’t wait for your next videos! Cheers!

    • your comment on location + lighting like the old CH videos are well taken! I will certainly look for ways to make some new videos “in the ancient style”.

  2. I must say I’m actually impressed you have managed to produce as much as you have given the covid travel restrictions and the other issues you listed.

    With any luck the vaccine will help get travel restrictions lifted soonish, and you can get the models in faster thus giving them less time to reconsider 😉.

    Anyway keep up the good work 👍

    • yes, the end of Covid-restrictions will help RCH a lot. You are right, some models decide against being in a video, if they have too long time to think…..

  3. Since Moonjur is from Bangladesh, maybe you should venture for more fit models in south east Asia. If you go to this country called Philippines, you prolly find a fit muscular pain slave that will do the entire session for less than 200.00 USD. Can’t wait to see your other videos.

    • thanks for your kind words, and for the advice! The “long distance” procedure is really working out, so far. I will pursue it more, and will certainly look for such more muscled guys as you suggest!

  4. Honestly I always wondered where RCB went shopping for their models. Given the qty they seemed to find in such a short time there must be a resource or service they use to find them. They did have a rather fast turn around on videos after all.

    As finding that many by simply cold calling random instagrams and stuff seems unlikely.

    Anyway I suppose maybe the models you have used so far might have some friends or aquintances that would be interested in it.
    Usually people hang out with like minds after all.

    I imagine you have probably already looked into that avenue though, but if not its a possible route to try. I mean going by the beasts Web page alone i would of thought some others he knows would be intrigued by the idea.

    Anyways as I said above keep up the good work, I’m sure everyone on the bunker appreciates it

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