“Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

Chapter 24

Master Fuck

He moved in close behind me and teased me by running His cockhead up and down my crack.  It stung when he crossed a welt and I groaned at the renewed pain.  Then He centered his dick over my asshole and applied gentle pressure, another tease.  I tried to move away, but the bondage stretch in the frame was so tight I couldn’t budge an inch.  My ass was trapped for His total abuse.

Then the push in.  I did scream at that one.  His cock stretched me wide and I was mortified to have a cock breaching my body under these circumstances.  This was not fun in the showers.  This was a brutal rape and I was in hard  bondage. 

Then the plunge.  Another scream as his hips grazed my highly bruised ass cheeks, stinging the skin, smearing blood and sweat into the welts.  He made this worse by moving his hips in small circles, churning my gut in an obscene way. 

Sir started the in and out, playing with the speed, keeping me off balance.  Sometimes He thrust like a jackhammer, pounding my ass.  Other times He was slow, almost sensual, or, at least sensual for Him.  All I could do was struggle in the bondage and groan at the pain of the invasion.  My own cock was struggling to get hard but the damned cock cage prevented it and my cock and balls ached for release. 

Then He picked up and I realized He was getting close to His cum.  This didn’t take long.  Guessed He was primed from the beating He had given me.  He started to shout from pleasure and I was screaming from the pain in my gut and my ass cheeks.  “Yes!  Ya!” from Sir mixed with “A-a-gh!  A-a-h!” from me in a frenzy of sexual fulfillment.

I could feel Sir’s warm splooge spurting inside me, completing the rape and humiliation.  I was truly just slave meat, a muscular ass to be used and abused.  I once heard the phrase ‘cum dump.’  Well, that’s what I was, a piece of sex meat for Sir’s perverted pleasure.  Let me tell you, this knocks you down a few notches. 

Sir pulled out with a plopping sound.  Then He boasted of His satisfaction:  “Ahh!  Nothing like plowing a whipped ass!”

I heard Terry chime in:  “Sir, yes, Sir!” 

Of course, I knew he had gone through this many times over his two years with Sir. 

I wondered what my fate was going to be after three abusive projects.  Didn’t take long for me to find out.  Sir unfastened my wrist and ankle shackles, while Terry helped me stay standing.  Sir then used some kind of spray on my back and ass.  It stung at first but then seemed to soothe the welts. 

“This is a special medication I use on my slaves.  It will hasten the healing of your welts so I can whip you again without getting blood all over the place,” Sir said.

I managed a “Sir, thank You, Sir,” but the gag garbled it.  I guess He got the message. 

“Terry-boy will fix you out in chains and then it’s off to the hole.  I promised you at least another night there.”

Another garbled “Sir, thank You, Sir!”

Sir left the dungeon and Terry eased the ball gag from my mouth.  My jaws hurt from the hyperextension of the ball, but that was the least of my concerns.  He decked me out in the heavy chain harness bondage, helped me over to the floor cell, and then hoisted me into it.  I slowly curled up on the floor, very happy to be over the torment and humiliation.  All I had to do now was survive another nightmare night in the punishment hole. 

Everything hurt as I curled up in the fetal position.  I didn’t bother to take inventory.  I just coasted in the temporary respite from agony and abuse.  I was back in my rabbit hole for another night of cramped muscles, sore joints, wetting the bed, and now with the added attractions of a stinging back and a sore ass.  OK, so maybe I took inventory. 

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2 thoughts on ““Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

  1. Thanks for picking that up! Yes, I did intend to mention that. The ball stretches his hole towards his junk, leaving room for Sir’s dick. I meant for the fuck to be especially painful with the ball already in place. Big oops. I’ll change that plot bit and perhaps A’Dude can incorporate it when the story is archived.
    Thanks for pointing this out.

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