Group Sharing for 4-17-21

Hi Guys,

An experiment to see if we can help each other expand our enjoyment of the Net and TV!

If you see something you think others on this site might like, please share it in the Comments to this weekly Saturday post (click balloon in upper right corner) .

Movies, episodes, stories, websites, your own sites, even pay sites, special sales, etc. – be as descriptive as you like. Be sure to include the URL or Network.

Sharing the fantasy,



17 thoughts on “Group Sharing for 4-17-21

  1. I accidentally found this website here, now I would like to know the name of this comic series. I think it’s chinese but I understand absolutely no chinese. It would be ok for me ( and maybe other visitors of Aquadudes Bunker) to take a look without understanding a single word. Sometimes pictures are more than enough. Maybe one of the chinese speaking among us are able to help. Any help or hint would be reall appreciated. Here’s the link:

    • I should be more precise and say that I’m talking about this particular comic shown on page 36 of Issue 851 of “Dragon and Tiger Gate”. It seems to be a preview but I can’t find it since I’m not able to type any chinese letters to use the search function on this website.

      • I don’t know Chinese either, but from the limited info on the website, it appears the title is “Oriental Heroes” by Tony Wong. Here a link to his wikipedia page which might help you figure out the series names.

        I did find some issues of “Oriental Heroes” on ebay, and they may have collected some of the original comics in books, but there wasn’t enough on the ones I looked at to see if that was the case.

  2. Look at this hot dude being beat up tied up by the police and then he’s strung up and the chair under his legs are kicked away so his body weight is balanced on his sexy armpits and beat up again so hot 🥵😍

  3. I shared the actor Govinda once before. This is a police beating starting at 2:01. Love the backlight revealing the pit hair.

  4. Hey guys, if you want to discuss more men in peril and captured men or torture or bdsm or anything about any topics from this site, contact me on my Instagram: anupama654sri

  5. For anyone wishing to translate other languages I suggest downloading Google Translate. Languages translated range from Afrikaans to Zulu!

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