Space Bods – by Teracles

News Flash!
Space Pirates raid the Mr. Galaxy Contest!  Leading contestants captured!
So begins my new space pirate series. So far it’s mostly a bunch of pinup-style pics of the captured contestants, but I thought this one might be of interest to the guys here:
Pete and Spike here are sold to a buyer who wants them shipped naked, hot and sweaty.
Fortunately, the transport company has crates for that. Fortunately for us, the sides of the crate are transparent aluminum. 🙂 Have fun on the trip, guys!
 You can check the rest out on my Deviant Art page if interested.  I have a couple more ideas, let me if you have suggestions.

[Click image to enlarge.]


7 thoughts on “Space Bods – by Teracles

    • Add the heat to max that their bodies slide on each other by sweat and as they bounce it makes a sweaty splat noise 😍

      • And make their girlfriends watch their heroes tied up and stuffed in a cage on top of each other with sweat dripping down each other

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