Group Sharing for 4-3-21

Hi Guys,

An experiment to see if we can help each other expand our enjoyment of the Net and TV!

If you see something you think others on this site might like, please share it in the Comments to this weekly Saturday post (click balloon in upper right corner) .

Movies, episodes, stories, websites, your own sites, even pay sites, special sales, etc. – be as descriptive as you like. Be sure to include the URL or Network.

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27 thoughts on “Group Sharing for 4-3-21

  1. Indian hunk Hritikh Roshan gets tied up and beat by the villains in this scene. Such a sexy face with a muscular body. Love seeing him just hang there. My only complaint is I wish he was shirtless and tied up the wrists instead of upside down that way we could see his sexy armpits. Let me know what you guys think:

  2. Here’s a scene of the sexy Sidharth Malhotra being interrogated by the police. Being such a sexy muscular macho guy like him, he must have really felt the shame being tied up shirtless and brought to his knees infront of a police officer and his lady. Love his attitude while getting tortured 😍 :

      • That’s hot! 🔥
        Did you get turned on to see the guy tied up and beat or when the girl was standing there watching her hero beat by the police?

      • Both!… just picturing him fucking the girl earlier, then getting totally vulnerable to a MAN who beats up that same body, the exposed skin while she watches is like, it’s part of the same sex act. Weird the lengths the human brain takes you. His armpits are horny, too

      • That’s so sexy…my only wish for this video is if they made his body really sweaty and when he got beat the droplets of sweat would fly. That would have made it so hot. Also after the interrogation they should have pulled on the ropes so they forced him to stand while he was tied with his arms above him and beat him a few times in his muscular abs 😍

  3. This movie has a really hot lead actor Virender Razan. Shows off his boy alot. The police arrest and suspend him shirtless. Let the beating begin. Starts at 1:03 thru 1:06

    • That was sexyyy. Love the swest pouring down their shiny bodies. Love the expression they made on their faces as they got defeated and slumped down in defeat in the chains. They proved they are heroes but no match for the villain

      • Omg loved that he was gagged and that he was strung up so high that his legs are off the ground. Meaning his whole body weight is carried by his armpits which makes this even more sexy and erotic!!!

  4. this scene is an almost perfect police beating. Full Susp .. Sweaty pits and body …Sunny Deol also handsome and hairy !! Scene starts at 31 min.

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