“Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

Chapter 16

Good Bye World

He came back to me with a leather hood.  The ends of the back lacings hung down from the black bondage item.  I could see there were no eye holes, just a large mouth hole.  Then I saw light glint off the two nose hole grommets.  This did not look like a toy or pretend hood; this was the real thing. 

Sir smiled as I eyed the hood.  I could feel fear flash across my face when Sir went behind me and began to secure the hood to my head.  He pulled the whole thing down quickly over my face, blotting out most of my vision, confirming there were no eye openings.  There were leather pads over the eye areas which forced me to shut my eyes as they compressed against them. 

Then Sir began the slow process of lacing up the back.  His own dick, encased in the leather jock, always got hard during this procedure.  Sir liked the drama of slowly removing sensory awareness as the hood got tighter and tighter on the vic.  I felt the thick leather slowly caressing my skin as the lacing was pulled in very tight, eyelet by eyelet.  Sir tied it off a few times, ensuring absolute tightness.  As the lacing proceeded downward, my scope of vision was narrowed down to a glimpse of light from below and that slowly faded to blackness as the lacing was completed, securing the bottom of the hood against my rubber collar.   

The next step was the mouth gag.  This hood model used a separate, stiff leather piece which had holes to receive two posts attached to the hood’s cheek pads.  I found out later there were several leather pieces with this hood, each holding a cock gag of different lengths.  Sir chose a three inch one, not knowing how trained Dickie-boy’s throat was.  He remembered that during the retreat weekend, he gagged several times when aggressively face fucked.  Three inches would be a good beginning. 

I was startled when the Master inserted the cock piece slowly into my mouth.  Due to the sensitivity of mouth nerves, it felt like a monster invading me, filling my mouth.  Then I felt Him thread the posts through the holes, and apply two small locks through holes in the tips of the posts.  I grunted when I heard the clicks, realizing the invader was in my mouth for good.   

The hood was already making my head warm and I started to sweat.  I also realized that my whole world had been reduced to darkness and silence.  This was going to be bad, I realized, major sensory deprivation in a hot house of a hood. 

I was startled again when I felt the Master work on the multitude of straps this hood had.  One went under my chin and He pulled this one in very tight, forcing my tongue against the cock gag piece.  I couldn’t even move my tongue and I had great difficulty swallowing.  It took all my self-control to not panic as my world collapsed to darkness, silence, and immobility inside my mouth.

He tugged on a second strap which pressed the eye pads firmly against my eyes, which were tightly shut anyway.  Now I couldn’t open them at all.  This strap was buckled off and I think I herd a lock click, but I wasn’t sure.  There were pads against my ears, also, which this strap pressed in against me. 

The last strap pulled the leather cock piece tightly against my lips and chin.  I felt the rubber cock move farther into my mouth as Sir pulled the strap tight and buckled it off.  Again, I think I heard a lock click shut.

Then I was amazed to hear a slight hissing sound in my ears.  The ear pads had headphone buds buried in them.  Sir’s voice boomed into my head:  “Now you are secured.  This is the beginning of My plans for your nipples.  You will hold this position perfectly for as long as I want.  Do not forget the videocams.  I can see you at all times.  The slightest slackening off and you will be instantly disciplined!”

Sir let me stew on this for a minute.  Then He spoke again thru the ear buds:  “You will also hear a training tape whilst you are in this training lesson.”

He stopped talked and I heard a clicking sound and then the recorded message started:  “Obey.  Submit.  Comply.  Accept.  Obey.  Submit.  Comply.  Accept.” Over and over.  It was Sir’s voice on the recording and the diction was very stern.  This was not a relaxation tape! 

He did take one more stroke on the hand pump and I knew this by the sudden increase in suction pressure.  I grunted into the hood gag.  Then I guess He left.  I was left kneeling in slave position B, in visual deprivation, gagged by a very large cock piece in my mouth, and totally afraid to move a muscle lest my junk and ass get zapped.  Some drool started to ooze from the right side of my mouth and I could feel it dripping slowly down my chin and neck.  And a slave recording was droning endlessly in my head.  Great.  WTF have I gotten myself into?

“Obey, Submit.  Comply.  Accept.” 

NEXT: Ch 17, The Drill Goes On, Tyler Too


3 thoughts on ““Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

  1. There’s something special about hoods isn’t there. And your description of it being pulled over Dickie-boy’s head and tightened is perfect.
    “my scope of vision was narrowed down to a glimpse of light from below and that slowly faded to blackness”
    It let’s you really feel the leather cutting off the world physically just as it cuts it off mentally. Nothing else equals that feeling for me.

  2. slaveblsfeboi, I agree completely. The process of getting a hood properly fastened is slow, ritualistic. The initial placement means the ritual has started and you have the certain knowledge it will not stop until complete. I used one with no eye holes so as soon as the leather was put over my head, the “cut off” as you call it begins with sight. I really liked the slow lacing. My Sir pulled every eyelet set in tightly and knotted the leather thongs every few eyelets. The feeling of slow encasement of your head in tight leather was unbelievable. Finally the lacing was done and the collar straps pulled in tightly and buckled off. Sometimes Sir used locks on the buckles, just to heighten the tension. Then the straps. First the eye pads, forcing me to shut my eyes. Then the mouth gag strap. The last was the chin strap which trapped my tongue against the cock gag. Sir always checked I could breathe OK, but the tiny nose holes were restrictive. WOW. Spend a few hours like that! Incomparable.

  3. I’ve always been quick to panic and a restrictive hood was always my worst fear. But, once the Top I was with put this thick leather, one grommet hood on me and held me close till the panic subsided I was OK with it. Now I find the thought of one of is the horniest piece of bondage gear I can get into. I endorse everything you said above.

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