“Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

Chapter 15

The Tit Workshop

After the beating, Tyler and I held slave A.  Sir walked around us.  He was breathing heavily, probably from the workout He had whipping me.  ‘Tough shit,’ I thought.  ‘Maybe He’ll have a heart attack.’

No such luck.  He finally ordered us both to stand up.  We snapped into the military brace. 

“Tyler-boy, prepare my dinner,” Sir said to my slave buddy.

“Sir, yes, Sir!” came the reply.  He went upstairs leaving me along with Sir. 

“My friends and I have discussed plans for you,” He said, moving in very close to me.  Then he grabbed my nipples in his fingers and pressed down not very gently.  I grimaced at the pain, but made no sound.    

“The plans are focused on your nipples,” He continued.  “There are a series of drills you will be subjected to starting tonight.  You will spend the night here, but go back to your apartment tomorrow until I can arrange for you to move in.” 

“Sir, yes, Sir!” I said, not knowing if that was right or not.  Didn’t hurt to agree with Him. 

“Move to the platform,” He ordered.

“Sir, yes, Sir!’ I barked out as I walked to the raised platform in the center of His dungeon.  I expected Him to string me out in a spread eagle, but that was not what He did.

“Kneel down in the center of the frame, boy,” was the order.

“Sir, yes, Sir” I said, kneeling down.  With the bright lights all aimed at me I felt like I was on display.  Turns out I was.

“Now, put your hands behind your back and lock your fingers,” He ordered.

“Sir, yes, Sir!” Dickie-boy replied dutifully.

“Spread your knees as far apart as you can,” was the next order.

“Sir, yes, Sir!” came the reply as he moved his knees way out to each side.  He could feel the new vulnerability this posed to his crotch.

“This is called slave B.  When ordered to get into slave B you will drop to your knees, lock your hands behind your back, spread your knees widely apart, and look steadily ahead,” Sir explained.

“Sir, yes, Sir!” the boy replied, carefully following His order to avoid His whip, which was now coiled at the waist band of His leather chaps. 

“There are two videocams focused on the platform,” Sir continued.  I looked up and saw one in the ceiling.  Sir went over to a control panel at the base of the stairs and pressed one of a dozen or so  buttons.  I heard a grinding sound and the videocam lowered slowly from the ceiling on a boom until it was directly in front of me.   

“After I arrange for the first drill, I will be able to observe you from where ever I am in the house.  There are monitors in every room and I can also see you on my phone,” He explained.  He held up his cell phone and there I was, front and center, kneeling naked on the platform. 

Then Sir went over to the equipment wall and brought back a device consisting of several plastic tubes all connected to some kind of hand pump.  He put the device down on the floor and went to a small cabinet in one of the corners.  He returned with a small plastic box from which he took out what looked like a pair of pliers and a very small rubber O-ring.  He slipped the O-ring onto the jaws of the pliers, which worked in reverse.  When you grip the handles, the jaws opened up.  He kneaded my right nipple, forcing it erect.  Then He centered the O-ring over the distended nipple and released the handles.  The ring closed down very tightly on my nipple.  No great pain, mind you, but a very unusual sensation!

He repeated the process on my left pec peg.  Then he smeared some grease on two plastic cylinders at the ends of the tube device.  He positioned one over my right nipple and worked the hand pump.  I immediately felt suction on my nip.  He repeated the process with the second cylinder, but had to open a small valve near the cylinder before he pumped it up.  This equalized the pressure on both of my nipples, which seemed to satisfy Him.  He smiled at me and slowly worked the pump again.  The suction increased bit by bit.  I looked down and saw my nipples elongating up into the narrow suction cylinders.  The sensation was astounding and very sexy.  My dick wanted to react, but the cock cage vetoed any pleasure down there.

Sir continued pumping until the pain kicked in.  There was a vacuum gauge at the end of the hand pump which He checked periodically.  I couldn’t see the reading, but I could feel the suction force steadily increasing.  The pain increased, too.  Not agony, understand, but a highly unusual nip pain. 

He gave one more stoke on the pump handle.  The pain was now intense as my nips were stretched farther into the cylinders.  I thought this was going to be “the drill,” but there was more. 

“Just one more attachment,” Sir said.  I had no idea what He could possibly due to make things worse.  Then again, if you looked around the room, there were plenty of things He could use to make things really bad. 

NEXT: Ch 16, Good Bye World


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