“Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

Chapter 11

Arrival Drill

“OK, this is what we do every time we come home.  Sir is upstairs changing into His leathers, and we have to wait for Him to come down.  Here’s what we do:  it’s called ‘slave A’ or ‘slave position A.’”

He got down on the floor on his hands and knees.  He spread his legs widely apart and then lowered his head until his forehead was right on the rug.  He then extended his arms out straight overhead and turned his hands so the palms were to the floor.

“You do it, big boy,” he ordered.

OK, I got down on the floor alongside him and matched his pose.  It was incredibly sexy, although clearly a subservient position.  My dick tingle was matched and totally frustrated by the confinement of the cock cage. 

He continued:  “One very important thing, now that there’s two of us.  We absolutely cannot talk.  It’s OK now because I’m showing you what to do, but after this we have to keep absolute silence whenever we’re in slave A.  You also have to keep your eyes glued to the floor.  Do NOT look around and in particular do not look at Sir.  Got that?”

“Yes, yes, I understand.  Anything else?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, there’s a lot more,” Tyler answered.  “So, you strip and get into slave A when we get home.  Sir can also command you anytime.  The order is ‘slave A!’  You stop whatever you’re doing and immediately drop to the floor.  When Sir wants you to get up, the order is ‘Attention!’  You jump up and go into a military brace.  You must hold slave A until ordered out.  There’s another order Sir can give while you’re in slave A; it’s ‘Present . . . ass!’”

“You’re kidding,” I said to him. 

“Listen up, man,” he cautioned.  “This is no joke.  If you don’t follow these commands exactly you will be whipped on the spot.  Sir always had a whip on Him and He likes to use it.  So, when you’re in slave A and you hear ‘Present . . . ass!,’ on the first word you will reach behind you and put your hands on your ass cheeks.  Do not let your head leave the floor.  There will be a short delay to let you get into position, then when Sir says ‘ass,’ you will pull your cheeks apart as wide as you can and hold that position until Sir releases you.  The release is “As You Were,’ and you will return to slave A.  You must hold the spread ass position until released and it’s unpredictable how long Sir will require you to hold  it.  I’ve been in it a few minutes and up to an hour.”

“Is there anything else I need to know?” I asked.

“That’ll do for now.  That’s all I’ve been told to give you.  So, we should stop talking.  Don’t forget to keep your eyes down.  Do not look around!”

“OK, OK, I’ll do it,” I said.  I turned away from him and plastered my forehead to the floor, my eyes staring directly down.  Just for good measure I spread my legs farther apart, as wide as I could, and stretched out my arms.

NEXT: Ch 12, Sir Arrives.


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