The Three Hundred and Fourth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

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Brought to the exam cubicle at the potential customer’s request (and on receipt of a hefty fee), The tall buck, dressed in nothing but a pair of faded levis over his briefs, did not disappoint. In fact, he looked exactly as his photograph suggested when perused in the glossy catalogue back in the reception lounge. That photo had also presented the handsome young male stripped to the waist and barefoot but otherwise clad in faded trousers which, being beltless, sagged suggestively, revealing the white waistband of the stud’s tight briefs.

‘Very nice!’ The grinning customer was a trusted client and his tastes were well-known. ‘But I would like to examine him in the nude.’ ‘Certainly, sir.’ The officious sales clerk could already sense a fat commission fit to fund a long-anticipated holiday in the Caribbean. The buck was given a single terse command and immediately proceeded to remove all of his clothing, fumbling first with the steel buttons of his flies, soon spread wide, allowing him to hike his levis down impossibly long and muscular legs and, ultimately remove them. His white briefs quickly followed suit, as he stood, stark naked and blushing slightly, before the interested gaze of customer, security guard, and smug sales clerk.

‘Would you care to handle him, sir?’ The question was purely rhetorical and went unanswered…unless one considered the silent response of an eager pair of hands stroking and testing the various ridges of hard-but-supple muscle. That phase of the exam lasted several minutes as the panting buck’s naked body- shoulders and biceps, deep, smooth chest, rippling abs to narrow waist, broad back, tight buttocks and furry thighs…were thoroughly explored and familiarized to what looked to be the handsome young male’s future owner.

Finally, careful consideration was given to the blushing stud’s penis and testicles as each was handled in turn, hypothetically measured and weighed, and otherwise carefully assessed. ‘Is he a proven breeder?’ The sales clerk paused for a mere second and cleared his throat. ‘His extracted sperm has been scientifically tested for potency and he was passed with flying colors.’ The customer arched a quizzical eyebrow. Unfazed, the clerk continued, ‘Though he hasn’t yet been physically bred, the buck has tested 98 (on a scale of 100) for a heterosexual orientation and, so, should prove to be an excellent breeder…’ Though betraying no emotion whatsoever, the pudgy clerk had (needlessly as it turned out) broken out in a light sheen of nervous perspiration.

A cursory exam of the hidden place revealed by force-spread buttocks saw the exposure of a winking manhole clenched tight with sheer desperation. Lightly fingering the twitching orifice, the customer causally remarked, ‘Has he, then, been certified as a virgin in every way?’ Breathing an audible sigh of relief, the sales clerk nodded an emphatic affirmative. ‘Good,’ was the murmured reply, ‘I’ll take him. And, rummaging in his wallet, ‘Do you prefer Visa or Mastercard?’


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