“Executive Retreat, Part 2: Dickie-boy On the Job” – by Steve McHalperin

Chapter 9

Crystal Ball

DieQual made motions that the meeting was over.  I was still frozen to the chair, shocked at the incriminating and embarrassing videos I had just seen, mortified at all the degrading things I had been forced to do at the “retreat.”  He was right; I had no choice.  I was trapped.

“On your way out, you have my permission to spend a few minutes with my Tyler-boy.  Don’t waste too much of his time, but you may ask him a few questions,” DieQual said, getting up from his big desk chair.  It was my signal to also get up.  I couldn’t feel my legs under me, but somehow they could still work.

“Sir, thank You, Sir” I said to my Master.  I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so I just walked out of his office, closing the door behind me. 

Tyler raised his eyebrows in question.  “So, how did it go?” he asked.

“Not good,” I said.  ‘Not good at all.  He’s got me trapped.  I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do,” I added.

“Look, it’s not all that bad, just very different from what you might have expected in your life.  You’ll find out soon enough, but I can tell you this, Sir’s rough.   They’re all rough, no slack, no mercy.”

“Were you trapped into this?” I asked him.

“Yes, pretty much the same way you were.  Altered videos from a retreat weekend, job threats, but Sir did mention the financial rewards, didn’t He?”

“Yes,” I replied.  “He said there were substantial financial gains for the slaves.  Is that true?”

“Oh, yes, absolutely!” he answered.  “I have no expenses since I live with Sir.  He pays for everything, so all the money goes into a bank account.  It’s been two years for me, and the account is close to six figures.  I couldn’t make that in a lifetime just working at this job.  My guess is that you’ll eventually move in with us, so you won’t have any expenses, either.  It’s all gravy, man!” he added. 

“All I have to do is get whipped and fucked twice a day, right?” I said, having no idyllic delusions about what life as a slave to a Man would entail. 

“Yeah,” he said with a smirk.  “That’s pretty much it.  You get used to it,” he added.

He was quiet for a minute, maybe thinking of the profound changes in his own life, but then he turned back to his computer screen.  “I need to get a few things done, Dick, before quitting time.  You’re coming home with us, right?”

“Yup,” I said, turning to leave.  “Tonight.” 

I went back to my cubicle, having no idea how or what I should feel.  I was in a daze.  All kinds of crap floated around in my head:  money, tortures at the retreat, slavery, extreme pain, money, endless abuse, humiliating sex acts, money.  I guess the money won out.  All I had to do was scream my friggin’ guts out, pull my ass cheeks apart, and open my mouth real wide.  Yeah, Dickie-boy’s going to be sucking for dollars.  Bring on the whips and chains, but “Show Me The Money!”  OMG, I was so confused. 

NEXT: Ch 10, To The Estate  


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