“Thor in Chains” – by Masterskrain

A new short vignette the Bunker Denizens might enjoy. I honestly don’t know where the artwork came from, so I can’t credit the artist like I would like to, but I did find it pretty inspiring!

[Click image to enlarge.]

Ragnarok had passed, and the forces of darkness had conquered Asgard. Loki and his minions were now in control, and he had decreed punishments for all who had opposed him. But Loki had ordered that a special punishment awaited his own brother, Thor, the God of Thunder.
Thor had been forced to kneel in front of Loki as he watched Molnar, his hammer of power being sealed inside a solid block of molten steel, totally encasing it. Then, he had been stripped of his armor, leaving him naked and helpless, his muscled body wrapped in unbreakable enchanted chains for Loki’s allies to laugh at him and mock him.
After a raucous celebration where Thor had been forced to kneel on a raised dais at one end of what had once been Odin’s Banquet hall to be pelted with food and drinks by the drunken revelers, Loki had unsteadily risen to his feet and banged his ale mug on the table for attention.
“And Now, my dear brother shall be taken down and shown his new accommodations here at Asgard. I don’t want it to be said that I don’t take care of my family members!”
The drunken crown roared their approval as Thor was dragged to his feet by several of Loki’s huge guards and lead off towards the passageway that lead down to the dungeons in the lower levels. They went down and down, finally arriving at the lowest level of the dungeons, where the vilest criminals had been locked away and left to perish in the old days.
Opening up the door to one of the cells, Loki ordered the guards to drag Thor in, even as he struggled with all his strength. Pushing Thor to the ground and holding him down, two thick metal bands of unbreakable metal were bolted over his wrists, leaving the struggling Thunder God flexing and straining his massive muscles even as he was fastened to the stone floor. Then, a gag was forced into his mouth and bound around his head, only allowing him to glare with unquenchable hatred at Loki.
“What is it, dear brother?” Taunted Loki. “Don’t you like your new home? I’m SURE you will grow to love it after you have been… oh, how is it those human you like so much would put it…HANGING AROUND in it for a century or so!”
With that, a chain of the same unbreakable metal was lowered down from a pulley suspended from the roof of the cell. On the end of the chain, rather then the usual wrist cuffs was a single smaller ring. Thor began to struggle again as the ring was opened up and lowered down and clamped around the base of his cock and balls! Then it was bolted shut, trapping his thick cock and large balls. He groaned into his gag as the two guards began to pull on the other end of the chain, stretching his genitals away from his muscled torso until his legs were actually lifted off the floor! Only by pushing down with his arms to lever his torso up was Thor able to relieve some of the stretching of his cock and nuts, but he couldn’t maintain that for more then a few minutes at a time before his strength waned, and the full weight of his torso began to stretch his cock and balls again! The agony was indescribable!
Loki stepped over into Thor’s field of view.
“I’ll be leaving you now brother, but don’t worry. I’ll come down and visit you every 10 years or so!”
Laughing, Loki led his guards out of the cell and slammed the door behind him, locking it and leaving the muscled Thunder God hanging in agony.


6 thoughts on ““Thor in Chains” – by Masterskrain

  1. Your stories are so hot and well-written. I wonder where I can get more erotica stories from you. Is there a patreon link? Are you complete stories from the vignettes posted here? Cheers!

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