The Two Hundredth and Ninety Sixth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

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Mail, telephone, and online bidding necessarily internationalized the booming market in healthy products put up for sale by the Slave Emporium. Though the Emporium had more than a hundred outlets with at least a dozen in international capitols, it was still entirely possible that a buck mounting the block in, say, Philadelphia, might be sold to a high bid in Ankara. This made packing and shipping a real challenge as the eager customer, having undoubtedly paid a high premium for the merchandise, invariably wanted to take possession as soon as possible and, equally important, receive the product in a vigorous, healthy condition.

Now, it would have been entirely possible (and more or less economically advantageous) to simply dress the buck in tee shirt and khakis, making sure that wrists and ankles were securely shackled, and march him on to whatever passed as ‘steerage’ on a local airline. He could then be delivered in a matter of, at most, several hours to any inhabited point on the globe. That, however, was not what the marketing strategists at the Emporium referred to as ‘creative thinking’. For these policy setters, presentation was everything.

Lot 237 had been part of a massive auction held at a prestigious community center in downtown Los Angeles. At twenty-five, with handsome, chiselled features, a liberal dusting of masculine body hair in all of the right places, six feet two inches tall, and massive muscles perfectly proportioned, he had been brought to the block already completely naked as his handlers were utterly confident of a premium price and saw no need for the usual ‘striptease’ crowd-pleaser sales tactics. They were soon proved more than correct. Provocatively posed with mighty legs lightly spread (in order to augment the full view of his large penis and testicles), and muscled arms raised with hands clasped behind his head; he was made to slowly turn, offering the breathless crowd of potential bidders frontal, back, and profile views. When the bidding began it was fast and furious, not least as large amounts of money registered on computer screens and among the jangling army of telephone operators. 237 finally sold to an online bidder in a Moscow suburb for a figure in the high spectrum of six digits.

Lot 237 was ushered from the block to a backstage processing center immediately after his sale. It was there that he would be processed and packaged for immediate shipping to the outskirts of Moscow in the far away Russian Federation. The first thing that occurred was a thorough cleansing. Nervous sweat was sluiced with warm water, as were all of the various orifices and crevices of his naked body. His short-cut hair was also washed and quickly brushed to a bristly, but silky-soft, sheen. Teeth were rapidly scrubbed and then flossed, and a very light deodorant applied to armpits and crotch, followed by a rapid massage- in this case, using patchouli oil diluted in more warm water. When the boxes were ticked and 237’s exterior appearance met the exacting standards of the Emporium, attention was turned to the final considerations of preparation for packaging and shipment. First, the apprehensive buck was given a medium-strength sedative, efficiently injected into a quivering buttock. This was followed by a thorough enema. For just this reason, he had had nothing to eat since noon, so the enema was as much precautionary as salutary…but the Emporium took no chances. Finally, a plug was inserted tightly into his anus (eliciting a mild groan; the sedative was already taking effect). Lot 237 was nearly ready for the final phase of packing and, ultimately, shipping- and the whole process, so far, had only taken a little more than a half an hour. Turned around, once again, to face his handlers, the buck’s penis was firmly grasped as a slender catheter was inserted and guided down the long shaft until it finally reached his bladder. This was signified by a short gush of warm urine which, anticipated, was caught in a dish and disposed of. The exposed end of the catheter was then sealed with an artificial bladder…and the job was complete. The last steps in the process involved blindfolding and gagging the buck; both as a subtle extra-measure in order to help him to remain calm and as a way to ensure a measure of tranquillity once he was placed in his container. Artfully immobilized with expensive hemp rope, 231 was ready for packaging.

The freshly auctioned young slave was guided blindly toward a large wooden crate, liberally drilled around two of its sides with airholes and forced to assume a foetal position, resting on some wool blankets, within its confines. He did so, breathing heavily, clearly confused and afraid, but, in his sedated state, more or less malleable. One litre of water in a plastic container sporting a long tube (that uncannily resembled the catheter) was placed at his side and the tube guided, past the gag, and into his mouth. Finally, he was covered with a few more woollen blankets before the lid of the crate was placed into position and nailed shut.

Several hours later lot 237 was delivered by special courier to his new owner who, after breathlessly unpacking and unwrapping his prize, felt that every penny spent had been more than worth the price.


3 thoughts on “The Two Hundredth and Ninety Sixth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

  1. Amalaric, you vicious fuck, RE this part: “… This was followed by a thorough enema. For just this reason, he had had nothing to eat since noon, so the enema was as much precautionary as salutary … but the Emporium took no chances. Finally, a plug was inserted tightly into his anus (eliciting a mild groan … .”
    This part is waaaaaay needlessly cruel, I don’t care how hot it is and how much, admittedly, the average guy observing it would naturally laugh openly at 237 as it was being done to him and taunt him by saying things like, “Wow, dude, you actually have to keep a plug tightly and, I suppose, extremely uncomfortably up your butthole for a minimum of several hours in transit, and longer if your new owner decides to keep it in there. I mean, I guess it must be incredibly uncomfortable, anyway. I’ve never had anything like that done to my asshole, let alone get shipped NEKKID in a fucking packing crate like a set of dishes, lol!”
    I mean, come on, Amalaric, you’ve already stated that they denied him food since many hours earlier and they performed an enema (surely humiliatingly supervised by multiple clothed men). There’s not a thing inside his clean body that’s creates the slightest risk he’ll soil himself in transit. You just had him forced to take a butt plug because it gives you pleasure to think about looking him in the eyes as he stands there restrained naked having to take it in front of you, as you and any other men on hand grin and taunt him about the fact he’s going to be, not the stud at the bar in his hometown who takes home and fucks a different chick any night he goes there, but the object of perpetual sexual abuse and outright rape over and over by a MAN somewhere!
    I think a MOSLA trapper said after capturing a number of studs in another of your stories something along the lines of, “Yeah, guys, this probably isn’t what you had in mind for your lives, but hey!”
    You’re fucking emotionally if not physically castrating this poor guy.

  2. Think that there’s a pic of this guy stark naked in all his manly glory…..;is there any possibility of seeing it or your excellent photo shopping of it ?

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