12 thoughts on “Congratulations to the United States of America!

  1. My faith in American democracy has been strengthened, not weakened, by the four-year nightmare culminating in the coup attempt at the Capitol. Beaten bloody, we withstood the onslaught. But…remain alert.

  2. well said. Alas, Trumpism is NOT over. In fact, it’s probably just the beginning. Trumpism is even-now morphing into something else that will be just as dangerous but with a new name. Remain alert indeed!

  3. Not only God BLESS the United States, but God PROTECT the United States from some of its own citizens. The spectre of civil war has not been closer since 1861

  4. I remain cautiously optimistic. But I now realize that there are men and women who care not for democracy; men and women who want power and are willing to sacrifice anything to attain it; that appeals to our better angels, to Washington, Jefferson, Adams, mean nothing to these men and women. After years of studying history and asking that elusive question-“Why was a man like Hitler accepted by a nation,” I now know that answer and it frightens me. Yesterday, for the first time since November 3, I put out our flag, the flag that symbolizes so much to me. Now, it is time to get to work. To find ways we can heal and yet hold those who almost brought this noble experiment, an imperfect experiment, to an end accountable Liberty deserves nothing less. We would do well to remember the saying above the National Archives-“Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom.”

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