The Two Hundredth and Eighty Ninth of One Thousand and One Nights – by Amalaric

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In the four or five thousand years he had been given to wander the earth, the Incubus had had his way with countless drowsy women and fathered many a cretinous child. Lately, he had begun to experience strange cravings, as the allurement of some variety began to crease his already vivid imagination.

Stumbling on the dozing form of twenty-three year old Toby Miller, tossing and turning in a light sweat of vague, lust-riddled anxiety; the Incubus gleefully entered the young man’s dreams and gave him a dose of the undiluted version. Strong, invisible hands clawed the damp contours of tee shirt and sweat pants.  Becoming bolder, the Incubus mussed short cut, but silky, dark hair- head, arm pits, and the light bracken of chest and belly- even as his victim moaned a confused mixture of revulsion and gathering pleasure, like a dreamer talking in his sleep. Finally, his wraith-like hand slid beneath the yielding waistbands of sweat pants and briefs, playfully fondling Toby’s proud cock and sweat-slick balls…

Toby Miller had the vague idea that he was sleep-walking, but wasn’t entirely certain. Transported, in ways he could never understand, to a diaphanous chamber of light and shadow he waited passively as the Incubus licked bloodless lips. I need to wake up!!! To GET OUT OF THIS PLACE! He sensed, for the first time, the tangible presence of the other and was filled with a sense of fear and loathing, even as the adrenaline rose within him like an incandescent tide.

Stay where you are. The whispered command was terse and expected no contradiction. To his horror, Toby obeyed (where would I go???), and the simple act of unwilling obedience hit him like a revelation; passively trapped in a nightmare that would take its own course.

Remove all of your night clothing…but you may retain your briefs…for now. Once again, though his entire body felt as though heavily drugged, Toby obeyed; slipping the old tee up his long, muscular torso before tossing it on the floor. Already barefoot, all that remained were the tattered sweat pants that formed his favoured sleeping attire. Stripped, now, to nothing but his briefs, Toby was commanded to mount a rumpled bed and kneel, arms at his sides, hands resting lightly on the backs of hairy thighs.

The Incubus began his forced seduction with a thorough tactile examination of Toby Miller’s quivering young body. Stroking Toby’s boyish face he traced the contours of nose and jaw before deftly prying open his victim’s wide mouth, fingering even, white teeth and the warm, wet landscape of Toby’s tongue, from ticklish tip to arching base, finally causing him to gag. The descent of pale, nimble-fingered hands- suddenly quite visible and possessed with a touch of uncompromising authority- was, nevertheless, accomplished in leisurely fashion since, in the dream state of stark nightmare, time had no meaning. Toby’s broad shoulders and chest were roughly caressed, rosy nipples teased to scandalized erection, even as another hand traced and kneaded the ridges of his broad, muscular back. With a touch as light as the finest of feathers, the shorthairs at the base of Toby’s naked back- just above the loose elastic of his shorts- suddenly seemed electrified. The captive let out a ragged sigh- as expected, the unstoppable descent of the Incubus’ caress, after dancing over the rubbery firmness of flat, muscular abs, followed the promise of the young man’s treasure trail…and slipped, without resistance, into the depths of his briefs.

Perhaps it may be time to, ah, remove these? The whispered question was clearly rhetorical. With a flick of a ritual dagger, the scant protection afforded by Toby’s white fly fronts fell in tatters onto the rumpled mattress, even as his mind shrieked resistance to the humiliating outrage. The trembling stud, however, remained in his subservient position, clearly bound by spells wrought in another world, and merely grimaced as the soft warmth of his large, well-shaped penis and slack, dangling testicles were carefully and intimately explored and then playfully fondled. Very impressive, Toby my boy- indeed, you were well-chosen! Shall we have a taste…? Toby flinched and choked on a silent scream as invisible wet lips and questing tongue enveloped his manhood. In what seemed like both an instant and the length of a long life, he was brought to full, throbbing erection by the practiced skill of the Incubus, finally spraying his hot, reluctant seed to all corners of the shadowy chamber which now seemed to pulsate in time with the young victim’s coerced orgasm.

Panting exhaustion, Toby could only sob quietly as the Incubus, uttering his own sigh, but of pure pleasure, dabbed at a tear and licked the salty moisture with a forked tongue the colour of yesterday’s sunset. Moving to the rear of the kneeling captive the dark spirit willed Toby to lean forward until his forehead brushed the musky surface of the mattress. Spread your legs a bit wider… The command echoed from behind, and Toby could almost swear he felt a faint breeze of hot breath against one of his shoulder blades. What a magnificent view! The tone of the compliment was unfeigned, and, as before, the Incubus took his time- fingering Toby’s swinging balls from behind before stroking and then lightly slapping the hard muscle of his furry young ass.

The ultimate violation, by this time, was not unexpected. Toby waited with pounding heart, terrified sweat coating his young naked body, even providing- when carefully applied to his twitching manhole- some natural lubrication. Twin shrieks pierced the still gloom of the dream chamber as the Incubus, easily breaching any and all defences, thrust his own cock into the hot depths of the muscular young male he held in thrall. So goooood…so PERFECT!!!!! As thrust followed thrust in ecstatic violation.

It’s so…cold! Toby screamed. Please…so COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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