Hamilton’s Vignettes – Danny Brennan Series, #10 (Final)

I’m enclosing the last of my Danny Brennan vignettes.  It was never my intention to offend any of the members.  I wanted to see if I could cobble together as many perversions into one story.   I am aware of what constitutes fantasy and what does not.  To those who I offended, I apologize.  To those who may have found something entertaining, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.  
Regards and stay safe.

[Click image to enlarge.]


5 thoughts on “Hamilton’s Vignettes – Danny Brennan Series, #10 (Final)

  1. Hello Hamilton
    Personally, I think that anyone who contributes to this site with the intention of entertaining members is both considerate and generous. We probably have thousands of members but only dozens, perhaps, of contributors.
    We all have preferences, and I have certainly not been offended by any of your posts. All I would say to you is ‘Thank you’

    • Not offended at all. If you don’t like it don’t read it. I find it entertaining and sheds light onto some perversions people would find difficult to articulate, however, there are many things in this world that offend many people. Just move on.
      May I add my thanks for an interesting and different story.

  2. Oh my, the gatekeeping!
    I don’t believe it’s up to me or anyone else to define what’s right or wrong when it comes to fetishism, specially when it’s purely fiction and there’s absolutely no one involved in it. I find it quite foolish that anyone that comes to this site would have a problem with anything they find here. Of course you may dislike something, but finding it upsetting or even offensive is truly ridiculous.

    It’s also worth noting that the fact that people decided to draw the line at incest, which is a fairly common fetish, doesn’t make any sense. I for one have seen “worse” on this site. Damn, I’ve seen worse from Hamilton himself.

    It is my believe contributors should not be afraid of censorship.
    It is also my believe we should do more uplifting and less pointing fingers.

    Thank you Hamilton for all your contributions to this site.

  3. Dear Hamilton, i add my accolades to what you have done over the years. As a fellow contributor to A’Dude’s site, i would be surprised if anyone was “offended” by a particular kink. You don’t come here for pictures of puppies and cats. If someone doesn’t like what they see, LEAVE. We know why we’re here and we very much like it. Who is to draw a line fencing off a subject?! I just wrote a story about a modern crucifixion to death. I ran it by A’Dude and we agreed it was not within his site’s theme, so I went elsewhere. The story scared me and upset me, but it was kinky as hell and based on ideas from the incredible art of Homeros. Hey, Amalaric liked it, so that’s good enough for me! Some of Greasetank’s works are violent to death and involve Nazis. Draw a line here? I think not,
    On it goes. Not happy? Please be so kind as to leave.
    steve mchalperin.

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