Hamilton’s Vignettes – Danny Brennan Series, #9 (Tommy gets an education)

For some reason, I can’t seem to stop my little fantasy. I never realized how dark my fantasies are or can be. Amal, seems my wife is of a like mind.


[Click image to enlarge.]


3 thoughts on “Hamilton’s Vignettes – Danny Brennan Series, #9 (Tommy gets an education)

  1. Hams- yes, this is dark indeed and not new to your fantasy construction given our (now ancient) correspondence. But everything here is ‘dark’, that’s kind of the point. I find it just slightly odd that anyone would offer qualifications….! If anything that is described here was actually carried out it would be gratuitously illegal and rightly so, but it isn’t. As the very title of this site suggests- these are fantasies, (hopefully) nothing more. People write horror stories with impunity and no one blinks. That being said, there is the legitimate question of ‘taste’ (such a high falut’in term!!!). Personally, I love the kind of discussion that is emerging here. Some may like it some may not, and it is great to hear that sort of stuff. For myself, though I wouldn’t necessarily go the route of your ‘Tommy’ scenario in my own fantasies, I admire the boldness, originality and creativity- as opposed to the near-endless repetition of the Erik stuff where the guy never even sheds the second leg of his trousers.

    Kinky? Absolutely!

    Keep on!

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